Translation for 'avoid' from English to Latin
VERB   to avoid | avoided | avoided
avoiding | avoids
SYNO to annul | to avoid | to invalidate | ...
cavere [2]to avoid
evadere [3]to avoid
declinare [1]to avoid
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Translation for 'avoid' from English to Latin

to avoid
cavere [2]

evadere [3]

declinare [1]
Usage Examples English
  • To avoid slippage, one must plan their projects (especially research) carefully to avoid delays in schedule. Using Gantt charts and timeline diagrams can help.
  • Functionally opposite to the need for closure is the need to avoid closure.
  • Rules related to grips are primarily motivated by the desire to avoid stalling, to avoid providing undue advantage, or to reduce the chance of injury.
  • In setting human nutrient guidelines, government organizations do not necessarily agree on amounts needed to avoid deficiency or maximum amounts to avoid the risk of toxicity.
  • In a law library, Riley and Sanger narrowly avoid being caught by Helms, who sequesters the jury to avoid any possible further contact between them.

  • Many attempted to avoid the draft, some mutilating their own thumbs to avoid military service, and Theodosius responded with harsh punishments for deserters, forcing even those who had mutilated themselves into service.
  • FNE is similar to "motive to avoid failure (MaF)".
  • Grasshoppers exemplify a range of anti-predator adaptations, enabling them to avoid detection, to escape if detected, and in some cases to avoid being eaten if captured.
  • To avoid this overhead, compilers usually avoid using virtual method tables whenever the call can be resolved at compile time.
  • In April 2021, US Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen has proposed a global minimum corporate tax rate, to avoid profit shifting by companies to avoid taxation.

  • Those prescribed monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAO-i) should avoid the use of DayQuil products containing dextromethorphan within 2 weeks to avoid risks of Serotonin Syndrome.
  • As with any surgical procedure, cardiac surgery requires postoperative precautions to avoid complications.
  • Further, the user interface should avoid overloading the user with information and prevent over relying on it in order to avoid losing important cues from the environment.
  • Style guides that avoid expressing a preference for either approach sometimes recommend recasting a problem sentence, for instance replacing generic expressions with plurals to avoid the criticisms of either party.
  • Large prostates should be resected in staged procedures to avoid prolonged operative times, and care should be taken to avoid damage to the prostate capsule.

  • To prevent or limit exacerbation of symptoms, avoid stress, and avoid exercise in high temperatures.
  • VandeWalle defines avoid performance as the "desire to avoid the disproving of one's competence and to avoid negative judgments about it".
  • In computer networking and telecommunication, collision-avoidance methods try to avoid resource contention by attempting to avoid simultaneous attempts to access the same resource.
  • Cattle avoid grazing areas contaminated by the faeces of other cattle more strongly than they avoid areas contaminated by sheep, but they do not avoid pasture contaminated by rabbit faeces.
  • Omacetaxine mepesuccinate can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman. Women using HHT should avoid becoming pregnant and also avoid nursing while receiving HHT.

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