Translation for 'common goldeneye' from English to Norwegian
kvinand {m/f} [Bucephala clangula]
(common) goldeneye
Partial Matches
islandsand {m/f} [Bucephala islandica]
Barrow's goldeneye
felles {adj}common
vanlig {adj}common
allmenn {adj}common
alminnelig {adj}common
gransanger {m} [Phylloscopus collybita]
(common) chiffchaff
tornsanger {m} [Curruca communis, syn.: Sylvia communis]
(common) whitethroat
sørnattergal {m} [Luscinia megarhynchos]
(common) nightingale
trane {m/f} [Grus grus]
common crane
musvåk {m} [Buteo buteo]
common buzzard
svartand {m/f} [Melanitta nigra]
common scoter
bokfink {m} [Fringilla coelebs]
(common) chaffinch
krikkand {m/f} [Anas crecca]
common teal
tårnseiler {m} [Apus apus]
common swift
gråsisik {m} [Acanthis flammea, syn.: Carduelis flammea]
(common) redpoll
tornirisk {m} [Linaria cannabina, syn.: Carduelis cannabina]
(common) linnet
rødtoppfuglekonge {m} [Regulus ignicapillus, syn.: R. ignicapilla]
(common) firecrest
svartstrupe {m} [Saxicola rubicola]
(common) stonechat
enkeltbekkasin {m} [Gallinago gallinago]
common snipe
gravand {m/f} [Tadorna tadorna]
(common) shelduck
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Usage Examples English
  • Birds by the lake includes mallard and common goldeneye.
  • The common goldeneye is one of the species to which the "Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds" (AEWA) applies.
  • The reservoir carries nationally important wintering populations of tufted ducks, pochard, goosander and common goldeneye.
  • The Finns referred to the T-34 as the "Sotka" after the common goldeneye, because the side silhouette of the tank resembled a swimming waterfowl.
  • The preserve is a significant wintering and passage area for a number of seabirds and seaduck, including common eider ("Somateria mollissima"), common scoter ("Melanita nigra"), velvet scoter ("Melanita fusca"), common goldeneye ("Bucephala clangula"), and black guillemot ("Cepphus grylle").

  • The name Sotkamo comes either from the Finnish word "sotku" which means a mess and refers to the obscure water route, or from the word "sotka" which was a general name for water birds in ancient Finnish and now designates the common goldeneye.
  • In former times the Nedzheli used to be a breeding place of the common goldeneye, but since the local people began to use motor boats the population declined dramatically.
  • In the spring and fall it is a resting place for Canada geese, American wigeon, mallard, green-winged teal, lesser scaup, common goldeneye and bufflehead.
  • The decline of eelgrass in Antigonish Harbour has resulted in fewer Canada geese, which feed on the rhizome, and fewer common goldeneye, which eat invertebrates that live in eelgrass meadows.
  • At Roundhouse Lake common visitors are Eurasian wigeon, red-crested pochard, common goldeneye, common pochard and tufted duck.

  • It depicts a pair of common goldeneye ducks at the moment they are hit by a hunter's shotgun blast as they attempt to take flight.
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