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NOUN   a common pheasant | common pheasants / common pheasant
fasan {m} [Phasianus colchicus]
(common) pheasant
Partial Matches
alminnelig {adj}common
felles {adj}common
allmenn {adj}common
vanlig {adj}common
lomvi {m} [Uria aalge]
common guillemot
isfugl {m} [Alcedo atthis]
common kingfisher
bokfink {m} [Fringilla coelebs]
(common) chaffinch
rødstjert {m} [Phoenicurus phoenicurus]
(common) redstart
sørnattergal {m} [Luscinia megarhynchos]
(common) nightingale
tornsanger {m} [Curruca communis, syn.: Sylvia communis]
(common) whitethroat
trane {m/f} [Grus grus]
common crane
musvåk {m} [Buteo buteo]
common buzzard
gransanger {m} [Phylloscopus collybita]
(common) chiffchaff
svartand {m/f} [Melanitta nigra]
common scoter
krikkand {m/f} [Anas crecca]
common teal
taffeland {m/f} [Aythya ferina]
common pochard
kvinand {m/f} [Bucephala clangula]
(common) goldeneye
nordpadde {m/f} [Bufo bufo]
common toad
gravand {m/f} [Tadorna tadorna]
(common) shelduck
enkeltbekkasin {m} [Gallinago gallinago]
common snipe
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Usage Examples English
  • The Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus had introduced the genus "Gallus" in the 6th edition of his "Systema Naturae" published in 1748, but Linnaeus dropped the genus in the important tenth edition of 1758 and put the red junglefowl together with the common pheasant in the genus "Phasianus".
  • 3rd row (Phasianinae "erectile clade"): common pheasant, wild turkey, western capercaillie.
  • Although common pheasant were abundant, there was no evidence that any were affected, and mortality among other bird species was negligible.
  • ... versicolor") of Japan is sometimes considered a subspecies of the common pheasant.
  • The most common game species are eastern cottontail rabbits, common pheasant, eastern gray squirrels, wild turkey, ruffed grouse and white-tailed deer.

  • Obtaining a BA degree with first class honours, Ridley continued with research on the mating system of the common pheasant ("Phasianus colchicus") supervised by Chris Perrins for his Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1983.
  • The best-known is the common pheasant, which is widespread throughout the world, in introduced feral populations and in farm operations.
  • Fauna include: Bactrian deer ("Cervus elaphus bactrianus"), wild boar ("Sus scrofa"), common pheasant ("Phasianus colchicus"), golden eagle ("Aquila chrysaetus").
  • The term "pheasant" and the scientific name "Phasianus colchicus" are derived from "Phasis" and "Colchis", as this was said to be the region from which the common pheasant was introduced to Europe (the ring-necked pheasants were introduced later from East Asia).
  • The type species of the genus is the common pheasant ("Phasianus colchicus").

  • The female is much less showy, with a duller mottled brown plumage all over, similar to that of the female common pheasant ("P. ...
  • The Putteridge estate is a mixture of arable farmland and woodland; as well as the occasional visiting muntjac and fallow deer, the estate is home to Lady Amherst's pheasant ("Chrysolophus amherstiae") as well as the more common pheasant.
  • There are several endemic subspecies of birds, of which the Caspian tit ("Poecile hyrcanus") subspecies of the titmouse; the Caucasus pheasant ("Phasianus colchicus colchicus") subspecies of the common pheasant of the Talysh Mountains are common.
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