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For et syn!What a sight!
Partial Matches
For en/et ... !What a/an ... !
Det var synd!What a pity!
Bare tullprat!What a lot (load) of rubbish! [coll.]
syn {n}sight
severdighet {m/f}sight
i sikte {adv}in sight
i sikte {adv}within sight
ut / ute av syneout of sight
kjærlighet ved første blikk
love at first sight
sikte {n}sight [also on a firearm]
Ute av syne, ute av sinn.
Out of sight, out of mind.
Hæ? [uform.]What?
hva {pron}what
hvorfor {adv}what for
Hvordan kan det forklares?What gives? [coll.]
Hva i all verden ...!What on earth ...!
Hva i all verden ...!What in the world ...!
å få det som man vilto get what one wants
Hva i helvete? [uform.]What the hell? [coll.]
Vet du hva?You know what? [coll.]
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Usage Examples English
  • Those families that settled in the region often left the comfortable surroundings of Northern Utah to settle in what one original resident described as a desolate region without a green tree in sight.
  • Before leaving, Allenby orders his men to fetch a large crate which the captain instructs Corry to not open until the transport crew is out of sight—they have no clue what is inside the box.
  • While the experimental weapon family was very different from the EM-2 in internal design and construction methods, its bullpup configuration with an optical sight was a clear influence on the design of what was to become the SA80.
  • However the "Sight and Sound" reviewer Terence Kelly saw problems with the film, and wrote that "Victim" contains "a tour of the more respectable parts of the London homosexual underworld, with glimpses of the ways in which different men cope with or are destroyed by their abnormality".
  • Although Loki attempted to manipulate her into waging war on Asgard after she was able to lift Thor's hammer, the sight of Odin's genuine sense of loss allowed Thor's remnants to manifest in her subconscious, affirming that he was an ideal as well as a person, allowing Rogue to inherit his power and position as she became the new Thor.

  • A familiar sight along the shores of East Lake Toho is the rare, protected Florida sandhill crane.
  • At first sight the Irish loved their new queen, and they brought many gifts to the castle celebrating Matholwch and Branwen’s union and in due time Branwen bore a son Gwern and the realm once again rejoiced.
  • Elizabeth was strong and hard-headed and kept her primary goal in sight: providing the best for her people and proving those wrong who doubted her while maintaining a straight composure.
  • The topic had been stimulated by Huxley seeing the cytoplasmic streaming in plant cells, which is indeed a sensational sight.
  • – Škodas remained a common sight on the roads of the United Kingdom and Western Europe throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

  • Fripp toured with Gabriel to support the album, but remained out of sight (either in the wings or behind a curtain) and used the pseudonym "Dusty Rhodes".
  • Despite efforts by the soldiers and the Pence resolution mandated donations of food and shelter provisions, horses and wagons, each day those who could not make the march through the hot arid early September Sacramento Valley - where afternoon temperatures top 90 °F (32 °C) or over the 6,000 foot (1,800 m) crest of the North Coast Ranges - were left behind without food or water and were soon killed by a pack of wild boar that formed behind and followed the group; the survivors were told to stay at the Round Valley concentration camp or be shot on sight.
  • This means that the luminosity of the star changes because of magnetic activity in the chromosphere coupled with rotation moving the resulting star spots into and out of the line of sight with respect to the Earth.
  • It is believed that Beethoven finished the solo part so late that Clement had to sight-read part of his performance.
  • In contrast, the war on terror continues with no end in sight.

  • of land sight unseen and used loans to pay for it.
  • According to natives of the land, the entrance located in Waipio Valley has since been covered in sand and is now hidden from the sight of upper areas.
  • He is usually just out of sight, but viewers can spot him, or part of him, in every episode; [...] on one occasion he is reflected with the camera in a shop window.
  • Quite a few sights in Egmond remind one of this; for instance, the "fishermen-houses", which are tiny houses near the sea where fishermen used to live.
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