Translation for 'cannibalistic' from English to Norwegian
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kannibalsk {adj}cannibalistic
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Translation for 'cannibalistic' from English to Norwegian

kannibalsk {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • "Cilnia humeralis", common name wide-armed mantis, is an aggressive and very cannibalistic species of praying mantis from Africa.
  • While most octopuses are cannibalistic, "O. mercatoris" is less cannibalistic than other species, and is sometimes found in small groups under rocks.
  • Later horror films to feature cannibal groups include "The Hills Have Eyes" series, with its clan of cannibalistic savages, and the cannibalistic mountain men of "Wrong Turn" and its sequels.
  • There are two main feeding morphologies for barred tiger salamanders, typical and cannibalistic.
  • Larvae are known to be cannibalistic.

  • In Innu mythology, Atshen is a cannibalistic spirit that hunts through the permafrost.
  • In Miꞌkmaq folklore, a Jenu is a wild and cannibalistic hairy giant.
  • Juveniles are known to be cannibalistic.
  • "A. sudhausi" has displayed cannibalistic traits, with differences in behaviour observed between the stenostomatous and eurystomatous morphs.
  • A restaurant, open for Thanksgiving, is attacked by cannibalistic pilgrims. When the dining staff fight back, carnage ensues.

  • The presence of sexual cannibalism does not have any influence on fecundity, as cannibalistic and non-cannibalistic females produce the same amount of offspring.
  • monacha" are highly cannibalistic and the juvenile fishes tend to hide from their mother close to the substrate.
  • His work on aphids includes the discovery in pea aphids of cannibalistic behaviour.
  • In Sri Lanka, "Hemidactylus parvimaculatus" has been recorded to prey upon "Ramanella variegata" frogs and insects. It can also be cannibalistic.
  • Other common predators are Robber flies, Damselflies and occasionally even cannibalistic actions of other "H.

  • Two desperate and young filmmakers stumble upon the ultimate subject, a 33-year-old cannibalistic serial killer named Anthony McAllister, who has agreed to let them document every aspect of his horrifically violent life-style.
  • Variabilis" can distinguish the presence of tadpoles through chemical cues and whether a tadpole is cannibalistic or not.
  • Richard Chase (1950–1980) was an American cannibalistic serial killer, mass murderer, and necrophile.
  • Like with many mantis species, "P. wahlbergii" females practice sexual cannibalism; however, nymphs are not cannibalistic until their fourth instar.
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