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NOUN   a common buzzard | common buzzards
musvåk {m} [Buteo buteo]
common buzzard
Partial Matches
musvåk {m} [Buteo buteo]
Eurasian buzzard
vepsevåk {m} [Pernis apivorus]
(European) honey buzzard
fjellvåk {m} [Buteo lagopus]
rough-legged buzzard
ørnvåk {m} [Buteo rufinus]
long-legged buzzard
vanlig {adj}common
alminnelig {adj}common
allmenn {adj}common
felles {adj}common
krikkand {m/f} [Anas crecca]
common teal
svartand {m/f} [Melanitta nigra]
common scoter
isfugl {m} [Alcedo atthis]
common kingfisher
lomvi {m} [Uria aalge]
common guillemot
trane {m/f} [Grus grus]
common crane
sørnattergal {m} [Luscinia megarhynchos]
(common) nightingale
tornsanger {m} [Curruca communis, syn.: Sylvia communis]
(common) whitethroat
gransanger {m} [Phylloscopus collybita]
(common) chiffchaff
bokfink {m} [Fringilla coelebs]
(common) chaffinch
rødstjert {m} [Phoenicurus phoenicurus]
(common) redstart
nordpadde {m/f} [Bufo bufo]
common toad
makrellterne {m/f} [Sterna hirundo]
common tern
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Usage Examples English
  • "P. buteonis" infects the common buzzard ("Buteo buteo").
  • "Triorchis" is a Latinization (Pliny the Elder) of Greek "triórkhēs" (τριόρχης), which Aristotle and Theophrastus used for a kind of hawk, possibly the common buzzard.
  • The genus "Buteo" was erected by the French naturalist Bernard Germain de Lacépède in 1799 by tautonymy with the specific name of the common buzzard "Falco buteo" which had been introduced by Carl Linnaeus in 1758.
  • The similarity in plumage between juvenile European honey buzzard and common buzzard may have arisen as a partial protection against predation by northern goshawks.
  • The 100th book on the imprint will be "The Common Buzzard" by Sean Walls and Robert Kenward, publishing in early 2020.

  • Birds seen locally include kingfisher, barn owl, common buzzard and osprey.
  • Red kites along with common buzzard and sparrowhawks can be seen in the area.
  • A birdwatch survey in 2007–08 found 72 species of bird including common buzzard, Eurasian sparrowhawk, common kestrel and Eurasian jay.
  • Larger birds include great spotted woodpeckers and common buzzard.
  • There is a diverse fauna including mammals such as red deer and muntjac, and birds such as the common buzzard and red kites are also seen in the parish.

  • A variety of typical upland breeding birds are present, including raptors such as the red kite and common buzzard, as well as red grouse, whinchat, European stonechat, northern wheatear and the white-throated dipper at or near the many streams in the forest.
  • of woodland (both natural deciduous and coniferous forest plantations) and heathland, important for wildlife including fallow deer and common buzzard, plus visiting ring ouzel and common crossbill.
  • The common buzzard is a medium to large sized raptor that is highly variable in plumage.
  • Birds known to hunt here include Common Rock Thrush and Saker Falcon, birds known to nest here include Common Buzzard.
  • The Cape Verde buzzard ("Buteo bannermani") is a medium to large bird of prey that is sometimes considered a subspecies of the widespread common buzzard ("Buteo buteo").

  • "Pax" consists of a Common Buzzard in bronze with unfolded wings, on a platform of natural rock.
  • The ridge hosts many different species of bird, including the red kite, common buzzard, the raven and carrion crow among the larger birds.
  • As well as a diverse fauna, the site supports a variety of breeding birds, including woodcock, wood warbler, common redstart and pied flycatcher; common buzzard are also seen in the area.
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