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NOUN   a common kingfisher | common kingfishers
isfugl {m} [Alcedo atthis]
common kingfisher
Partial Matches
vanlig {adj}common
alminnelig {adj}common
felles {adj}common
allmenn {adj}common
gransanger {m} [Phylloscopus collybita]
(common) chiffchaff
tornsanger {m} [Curruca communis, syn.: Sylvia communis]
(common) whitethroat
sørnattergal {m} [Luscinia megarhynchos]
(common) nightingale
trane {m/f} [Grus grus]
common crane
musvåk {m} [Buteo buteo]
common buzzard
svartand {m/f} [Melanitta nigra]
common scoter
bokfink {m} [Fringilla coelebs]
(common) chaffinch
krikkand {m/f} [Anas crecca]
common teal
tårnseiler {m} [Apus apus]
common swift
gråsisik {m} [Acanthis flammea, syn.: Carduelis flammea]
(common) redpoll
tornirisk {m} [Linaria cannabina, syn.: Carduelis cannabina]
(common) linnet
rødtoppfuglekonge {m} [Regulus ignicapillus, syn.: R. ignicapilla]
(common) firecrest
nordpadde {m/f} [Bufo bufo]
common toad
svartstrupe {m} [Saxicola rubicola]
(common) stonechat
makrellterne {m/f} [Sterna hirundo]
common tern
lomvi {m} [Uria aalge]
common guillemot
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Usage Examples English
  • The cover image is of a common kingfisher, a reference to the mythical kingsfisher of Halcyon days.
  • The type species is the common kingfisher ("Alcedo ispida", now "Alcedo atthis ispida").
  • The common kingfisher ("Alcedo atthis"), also known as the Eurasian kingfisher and river kingfisher, is a small kingfisher with seven subspecies recognized within its wide distribution across Eurasia and North Africa.
  • The book's dustjacket is illustrated by bird artist David Nurney - the front cover shows a common kingfisher (with a map of its distribution), while a European bee-eater is depicted on the spine.
  • Typical birds are: little egret, wild geese, common kingfisher, mallard duck and silver pheasant.

  • The main species are the grey heron (breeding), little egret, Eurasian wigeon, greenshank, common sandpiper and commoner waders, common kingfisher and Eurasian jay.
  • Europe has only a few birds with conspicuous blue in the plumage, including the great tit ("Parus major"), the various blue tits of the genus ("Cyanistes") and the common kingfisher.
  • Birds found here include common kingfisher, grey heron and dipper.
  • Other larger animals found in undisturbed parts of the SSSI include the European otter, the common kingfisher and dormice.
  • The common kingfisher has become quite rare in Germany, especially due to loss of habitat.

  • In the valley, 28 breeding bird species have been observed, including the white-throated dipper, the common kingfisher, the Eurasian woodcock and the marsh warbler.
  • The gudgeon is a common prey of many fish-eating predators like Eurasian otter or common kingfisher.
  • Bancroft is a haven for birds and one of the best places to see a common kingfisher.
  • For example, the 10th edition of "Systema Naturae" includes two subspecies of the common kingfisher, one of which he placed in the genus "Gracula" and the other in the genus "Alcedo".
  • In 1930 the government of the canton of Zurich set the remains of the original Limmat riverside meadows and floodplains near Dietikon ("Dietiker Altläufe") under conservation, as well in 2005 the floodplains ("Dietiker Schachen") near Wettingen accommodating more than 150 plant species and rare species as common kingfisher, little ringed plover and grass snake.

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