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NOUN   common knowledge | -
allmennkunnskap {n}common knowledge
Partial Matches
kunnskap {m}knowledge
viten {m}knowledge
kjennskap {m} {n}knowledge
kjennskap {m} {n} til noe [kunnskap]knowledge of sth.
vanlig {adj}common
felles {adj}common
alminnelig {adj}common
allmenn {adj}common
lomvi {m} [Uria aalge]
common guillemot
isfugl {m} [Alcedo atthis]
common kingfisher
rødstjert {m} [Phoenicurus phoenicurus]
(common) redstart
taffeland {m/f} [Aythya ferina]
common pochard
kvinand {m/f} [Bucephala clangula]
(common) goldeneye
gravand {m/f} [Tadorna tadorna]
(common) shelduck
enkeltbekkasin {m} [Gallinago gallinago]
common snipe
trane {m/f} [Grus grus]
common crane
musvåk {m} [Buteo buteo]
common buzzard
svartand {m/f} [Melanitta nigra]
common scoter
krikkand {m/f} [Anas crecca]
common teal
makrellterne {m/f} [Sterna hirundo]
common tern
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Usage Examples English
  • Without Golding's translation, common knowledge of the ancient text would not have been understood in the same clear light.
  • Albeit the monsoon must have been common knowledge in the Indian Ocean for centuries.
  • In the 1980s modern green roof technology was common knowledge in Germany while it was practically unknown in any other country in the world.
  • For example, if all voters are rational and cast a strategically optimal vote based on a common knowledge of how all the other voters vote except for small-probability, statistically independent errors in recording the votes, then the winner will be the Condorcet winner, if one exists.
  • They are used to indicate how the speaker thinks that the content of the sentence relates to the participants' common knowledge or add mood to the meaning of the sentence.

  • In the field of artificial intelligence the study of naïve physics is a part of the effort to formalize the common knowledge of human beings.
  • In so doing, he provided the first analysis of common knowledge and employed it in analyzing play in coordination games.
  • It was in the 1990s, after exposure on television and in magazines, that the term and practice of cosplaying became common knowledge in Japan.
  • Lamarck employed several mechanisms as drivers of evolution, drawn from the common knowledge of his day and from his own belief in the chemistry before Lavoisier.
  • This dispute between Army and CIA over the number of Viet Cong combatants became bitter, and eventually common knowledge in the administration.

  • It was now common knowledge that Edward was dying, and foreign diplomats suspected that some scheme to debar Mary was under way.
  • While common knowledge now, this was contrary to the caloric theory of heat popular at the time, which considered heat as a fluid.
  • Although it is difficult to maintain a pure and strict essentialist-only curriculum, these schools have the central aim of establishing a common knowledge base for all citizens.
  • It is common knowledge in sociolinguistics that meta-social language abounds in lower registers, thus the slang for various classes or racial castes.
  • It is a common knowledge in India that the primary Hindu books called Vedas are great example of Oral tradition.

  • The author's real identity may be known only to the publisher or may become common knowledge.
  • It was not until these articles were published that the theorem known as “Shannon’s sampling theorem” became common property among communication engineers, although Shannon himself writes that this is a fact which is common knowledge in the communication art.
  • His subsequent withdrawal of his recantations was not mentioned, though what actually happened soon became common knowledge, undermining the effectiveness of Marian propaganda.
  • The Savage Land's existence is common knowledge throughout the world.
  • It is difficult to define what is common knowledge but there are instruments percussionists and composers use in contemporary music that most people wouldn't consider musical instruments.

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