Translation for 'isn\'t' from English to Norwegian
er ikkeisn't [is not]
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Translation for 'isn\'t' from English to Norwegian

isn't [is not]
er ikke
Usage Examples English
  • Charles isn't a fan of Richard's brash womanizing ways, but agrees to help because the money is good. Only he finds out that Richards isn't the easiest guy to protect, and often he is his own enemy when it comes to self-preservation.
  • Larissa's life isn't as perfect as it seems to be. She isn't satisfied with her loveless marriage and her irresistible passion might make her do the unthinkable.
  • She once again thwarts the raid on the castle, but because the warlike Abas isn't present, King Grimbold isn't killed. She invites Grimbold to the castle, where they all discuss their grievances in a civilized manner. He agrees to cease the attack for two days, while she retrieves the crown from the dragon.
  • A particular card may or may not be involved in two or more declarations. This rule is sometimes set and sometimes isn't, depending on the local rules. Bela isn't included in this rule, cards making bela can always be included in another declaration.
  • Four new models join the group but they aren't welcomed, especially Lisa isn't happy with this twist. Loiza isn't happy with the stories about the arrival of the 4 new models and explains the focus is on itself and not on the other models.

  • The structure "n'est-ce pas?" (literally "isn't it?", more idiomatically glossed to English as "isn't it true?") is nowadays considered very formal or obsolete. Unlike in English, the question tag "n'est-ce pas?" can be used after any subject and verb.
  • Although this is one of the best known songs to mention transportation, it doesn't fit the typical pattern of a transportation ballad. The narrator isn't guilty of the crime he was transported for, and the song doesn't discuss the mechanism of transportation. The caution at the end of the tale isn't to avoid crime - the narrator warns young men to "beware of the pretty colleens".
  • Once their confusion is cleared that he isn't really her blind date and she isn't the artiste mooching from his charity, the two make a deal where he will teach her how to act and dress like the rich in exchange for her paying him.
  • Dip Coating is a simplified version of the Langmuir-Blodgett. In dip coating, the nanosphere packing density isn't controlled but the dipping is performed directly on a colloidal particle solution. Dip coating is an effective method for applications where a precise control over the particle distribution isn't required.
  • In 2012 during the United States Presidential Election, the Republican Party used a copy of the poster, using the slogan "Obama isn't working" instead of "Labour isn't working".

  • Negative interrogative form is expressed with the affix -ба: ма-кӏо-ба "isn't he is going?", мэ-гыкӏэ-ба "isn't he washing?".
  • As the Wicked Step Mother, Kathleen Turner is obviously having fun with the role she was born to play, its just a shame there isn't more for her to do. She flexes her scheming and cruel muscles but isn't given room to go further.
  • Construction of pruned SSA form uses live-variable information in the Φ function insertion phase to decide whether a given Φ function is needed. If the original variable name isn't live at the Φ function insertion point, the Φ function isn't inserted.
  • When this isn't, that isn't.
  • Queen of Hearts - The Queen of Hearts isn't exactly cruel, as much as she is a pawn. She acts in control of the world Wonderland, but doesn't know that she is just being used. However, she is a very proud, robust woman who isn't afraid of spouting her accusations. Played by Karen Mason.

  • Dr. Barnes interviews Madison who confides that there's a little girl who she isn't allowed to talk about, that someone will get mad and try to hurt her if she does. Dr. Barnes isn't sure whom she's referring to.
  • Although the equivalence between the residence time and the ratio [...] doesn't hold if the flow isn't stationary or it isn't conservative, it does hold "on average" if the flow is steady and conservative "on average", and not necessarily at any instant. Under such conditions, which are common in queueing theory and supply chain management, the relation is known as Little's Law.
  • "When Viking was bringing it out," he said, "they were desperate for something to call it. I told them, 'Don't call it anything .' It isn't a novel; it isn't an autobiography; it isn't journalism; I think of it as a box in which all this stuff goes." Kesey also explained he considered the idea of publishing the essays in pamphlet form, then putting the pamphlets in a box and selling the box.
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