Translation for 'westerly wind' from English to Norwegian
NOUN   a westerly wind | westerly winds
vestavind {m}
westerly wind
Partial Matches
vestlig {adj} [retning, vind]westerly
vestavind {m}
sørvestlig {adj} [retning, vind]south-westerly
sydvestlig {adj} [retning, vind]south-westerly
nordvestlig {adj} [retning, vind]north-westerly
vind {m}
å spole noeto wind sth.
vindhastighet {m/f}
wind speed
pålandsvind {m}
onshore wind
havvind {m}
sea wind
unverified å ende oppto wind up
unverified å fise [uform.]to pass wind
unverified å prompe [uform.]to pass wind
unverified å fjerte [uform.]to pass wind
unverified å slippe ei bønneto pass wind
solvind {m}
solar wind
motvind {m}head wind
medvind {m}tail wind
passatvind {m}
trade wind
vindkraft {m/f}
wind power
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Usage Examples English
  • During the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, a westerly wind brought much contaminated fallout across Europe, including the Isle of Man.
  • The wind then changes abruptly to a strong, cold, south or south-westerly wind (called a “buster” if the change in wind speed is greater than 35 km/h).
  • Due to land interaction and increasing upper level westerly wind shear, Ben became an exposed low level circulation on August 14 in the Sea of Japan, eventually dissipating late on August 15.
  • Hurricane Vince's impressive organization was very short lived as westerly wind shear began to erode the eye within hours.
  • Rough weather was experienced on arriving in Bass Strait, and after beating a fortnight against a south-westerly wind, "Lady Nelson" took refuge in the Kent Group.

  • "Ghibli" is the Libyan Arabic name for the hot dry south-westerly wind of the Libyan desert.
  • The average prevailing westerly wind direction at San Onofre blows inland 9 months of the year.
  • The south westerly wind and the northeast trade winds blow in the rainy and dry (Harmattan) seasons respectively.
  • This ramp is exposed to the normal south to westerly wind.
  • In Australia, for example, remnants of rainforest are almost always found on "east-facing slopes" which are protected from dry westerly wind.

  • The area is generally sheltered from a westerly wind, though strong northwesterlies can develop.
  • The Vendavel (alternate spellings include Vendevale and Vendaval) is a westerly wind that blows into the Mediterranean Sea around the area of the Straits of Gibraltar and Morocco.
  • The cone's name comes from the Māori phrase "hau māngere", meaning "lazy winds", after the shelter the mountain provides from the prevailing westerly wind.
  • Throughout the province there is typically a prevailing westerly wind.
  • February is the "driest" month and September is the wettest, as the westerly wind belt (i.e. ...

  • The TOGA-COARE experiment resulted in improved understanding of atmospheric and oceanic variability on interseasonal scales including phenomena such as the Madden–Julian oscillation and westerly wind bursts.
  • During the Victorian era, industrial air pollution tended to be worse in the east and southeast of London because of the prevailing westerly wind, with the result that the East End was settled more by the working classes, while the western part of the city was home to higher social classes.
  • If this difference is high, a strong westerly wind will result which in winter carries warm and humid Atlantic air masses right down to Europe.
  • sheltered from the prevailing south-westerly wind by Flusco Pike, [...] higher.
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