Translation for 'western larch' from English to Norwegian
NOUN   a western larch | western larches
SYNO Larix occidentalis | Oregon larch | western larch | ...
kjempelerk {m} [Larix occidentalis]
western larch
Partial Matches
lerk {m}
sibirlerk {m} [Larix sibirica]
Siberian larch
sibirlerk {m} [Larix sibirica]
Russian larch
vestlig {adj}western
vestre {adj}western
(vestlig) honningbie {m/f} [Apis mellifera, Syn.: Apis mellifica]
(Western) honeybee
svanedykker {m} [Aechmophorus occidentalis]
western grebe
blåsultanhøne {m/f} [Porphyrio porphyrio]
western swamphen
nordvestlig {adj}north-western
sørvestlig {adj}south-western
vesteuropeisk {adj}Western European
sydvestlig {adj}south-western
punersanger {m} [Curruca hortensis, syn.: Sylvia hortensis]
western Orphean warbler
maurersanger {m} [Iduna opaca, syn.: Hippolais opaca]
western olivaceous warbler
grønn mamba {m} [Dendroaspis viridis]
western green mamba
vannrikse {m/f} [Rallus aquaticus]
(western) water rail
Vestlandet {n}
Western Norway [region]
sivhauk {m} [Circus aeruginosus]
(western) marsh harrier
eikesanger {m} [Phylloscopus bonelli]
western Bonelli's warbler
middelhavssteinskvett {m} [Oenanthe hispanica]
western black-eared wheatear
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Usage Examples English
  • The potential natural vegetation is western redcedar, grand fir, Douglas-fir, western larch, and western white pine.
  • The forest is an outdoor laboratory established for research into the management of one species, the western larch (Larix occidentalis).
  • It is surrounded by publicly and privately managed forest lands of Douglas-fir, Ponderosa Pine, and Western Larch.
  • Trees in the park include lodgepole pine, Douglas-fir, trembling aspen and western larch, with shrubs such as chokeberry, thimbleberry, willow.
  • In 2010, the Government of British Columbia implemented an assisted migration program of western larch to a new habitat in northern British Columbia, about 1000 kilometers north of its current range.

  • Engelmann spruce and sub-alpine fir grow at the highest levels of the Wilderness, with western larch, Douglas fir, and ponderosa pine found between the two extremes.
  • Coram Experimental Forest was established in 1933 on the Flathead National Forest as an area representative of the Western Larch ("Larix occidentalis").
  • It is more shade tolerant than some associated fire-dependent species, such as western larch and ponderosa pine, and often replaces these species further inland.
  • The Lubrecht Experimental Forest features four major types of trees, the Western larch, Douglas fir, Lodgepole and Ponderosa.
  • Larch Butte was named after the western larch tree ("Larix occidentalis").

  • This water-soluble polysaccharide is found in Western Larch trees ("Larix occidentalis") and other plants and is believed to have health benefits.
  • There are twenty buildings constructed out of notched Western Larch logs: a dining hall, 15 sleeping cabins, two bathhouses, and caretaker facilities.
  • Lodgepole pine and western larch are abundant. Wildlife includes black bear, mountain lions, and some mountain goats.
  • The larvae mainly feed on Douglas-fir, Rocky Mountain Douglas-fir, western hemlock and western larch, but have also been recorded on grand fir, ponderosa pine and spruce.
  • Most (68%) nest trees were live and 75% had broken tops. Western larch (Larix occidentalis) and birch were greatly over utilized compared to their availability.

  • "Coleophora laricella", the western larch case-bearer, is a moth belonging to the family of case-bearing moths Coleophoridae.
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