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SYNO in case | just in case
na wszelki wypadek {adv}just in case
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Translation for 'just in case' from English to Polish

just in case
na wszelki wypadek {adv}
Usage Examples English
  • he "Sauk (ex-Ohio)" and "Huron (ex-Somers)" were taken up Chippewa Creek and submerged in one of its tributaries, Street's Creek, just in case the American tried to recapture them in a raid across the Niagara."
  • When it began to appear possible that Maxi might withdraw from the contest, RTÉ immediately sent over another singer, Tina Reynolds, to take her place just in case.
  • Local crime boss Malderone, Gallagher's uncle, has him followed, just in case he talks to the government.
  • According to Smith, the Kangxi Emperor now arranged to protect the child and keep him at Kumbum monastery in Amdo in reserve just in case his ally Lhasang Khan and his 'real' Sixth Dalai Lama, were overthrown.
  • The sinuous track layout caused some drivers like Jochen Rindt in the 1969 French Grand Prix to complain of motion sickness, and wore open face helmets just in case.
  • Nick Fury immediately sends agents to collect Peter Parker just in case Osborn goes after him.
  • Habib told his family everything that had happened after he left Sydney in July 2001. Just in case something bad happens to him, he said, "I want them to know fully everything".
  • As the game went on, the Reds wanted Browning ready to pitch just in case the game went well into extra innings.
  • Nachtigal's account was that Vogel's odd habit of existing almost solely on eggs and writing with a pencil rather than the expected ink was of concern to the Sultan's advisors who had advised the Sultan to kill him "just in case".
  • So just in case I sometimes do a quick check of the old hot-spots when I get off the Peak Chair ..."
  • A model of the kind constructed above satisfies "Counting" just in case the automorphism "j" fixes all natural numbers in the underlying nonstandard model of Zermelo set theory.
  • Due to fears about FLQ terrorist activities, the CFL had 300 police officers in full riot gear on standby just in case anything got out of hand, but there were no incidents.
  • Young Milan was brought back to Serbia from Paris and enthroned in front of the Topčider assembly while the Blaznavac-controlled army surrounded the building just in case.
  • They remind themselves that they will need to tell their children warning stories about the Angels, just in case they ever return.
  • (1947), where they performed "Just in Case You Change Your Mind," and "Sepia Cinderella", (1947) where they contributed the songs "Long Legged Lizzie" and "Is It Right".
  • The "George-Kreis" replied that the funeral would be at 3pm on 6 December but added that mourners from outside the Circle were not wanted. Just in case, the funeral was then secretly rescheduled for 8:15 on the morning of 6 December.
  • DeSaussure sent with him a list of law books including Blackstone's "Commentaries" and Burn's "Ecclesiastical Law", just in case young Poinsett changed his mind regarding the practice of law.
  • I think they don't understand my films and so prevent them being shown just in case there is a message they don't want to get out".
  • This is just in case the plaintiff later discovers that it is impossible to prove at trial the necessary intent; even then, the jury may still be able to rule for them on the NIED claim.
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