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ADJ   justified | more justified | most justified
VERB   to justify | justified | justified
justifying | justifies
uzasadniony {adj} {past-p}justified
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Translation for 'justified' from English to Polish

uzasadniony {adj} {past-p}
Usage Examples English
  • A unique consequence of reliabilism (and other forms of externalism) is that one can have a justified belief without knowing one is justified (this is not possible under most forms of epistemic internalism).
  • The report finds that re-opening would not be financially justified although it might be justified on economic or environmental grounds.
  • The 2008 European Values Study (EVS) found that only 42% of respondents in Italy said that the death penalty can never be justified, while 58% said it can always be justified.
  • As in English, Klingon text can be left-justified, center-justified, or right-justified, and written in vertical columns on banners.
  • In his paper, "A Rationale for Reliabilism," Bach weighs in on the debate between internalist and externalist theories of justification by introducing a distinction between justified "belief" and justified "believers."
  • In some jurisdictions, there is an imperfect self-defense rule, where an individual who mistakenly believes that he was justified in using deadly force in self-defense, but is not legally justified, may have a murder conviction reduced to a manslaughter conviction instead.
  • The Court ruled that using deadly force on intruders in an unoccupied property was not reasonable or justified.
  • The price of justified representation is the loss in the average satisfaction due to the requirement to have a justified representation. It is analogous to the price of fairness.
  • Mani Shankar Aiyer justified November 2015 Paris attacks as a response to France banning Hijab.
  • The Court of Justice held that the measure was within art 34, it could not be justified for non-prescription medicine, but could be justified for prescription medicine.
  • In Babe Ruth's case, it is pragmatically justified that he believe "p", but it is nevertheless epistemically unjustified: though the belief may be justified for the purpose of promoting some other goal (a successful at bat, in Ruth's case), it is not justified relative to the purely epistemic goal of having beliefs that are most likely to be true.
  • The price of justified representation is the loss in the average satisfaction due to the requirement to have a justified representation in an approval voting setting.
  • Together with Israel Michael Sigal he justified the Scott correction term for molecules.
  • Question 1: Some people think that for the military to target and kill civilians is sometimes justified, while others think that this kind of violence is never justified. Which is your opinion?
  • Polls taken several years later by Saudi-owned Al Arabiya and Gallup suggest some support for the September 11 attacks within the Islamic world, with 38% believing the attacks to be not justified, while 36% believing them to be justified when Saudis were polled in 2011.
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