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VERB   to justify | justified | justified
justifying | justifies
SYNO to absolve | to apologise | to apologize | ...
uzasadniać [niedok.]to justify
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Translation for 'justify' from English to Polish

to justify
uzasadniać [niedok.]
Usage Examples English
  • Many critics have argued that evolutionary psychology and sociobiology justify existing social hierarchies and reactionary policies.
  • argue that archaeology can be a positive source of pride in cultural traditions, but can also be abused to justify cultural or racial superiority as the Nazis argued that Germanic people of Northern Europe was a distinct race and cradle of Western civilization that was superior to the Jewish race.
  • Some modern typesetting programs offer four justification options: "left justify", "right justify", "center justify" and "full justify".
  • A horizontal low line (...) can be used to justify text.
  • He allowed that wartime circumstances might justify a different understanding, but that Nebraska had not demonstrated sufficient need "in time of peace and domestic tranquility" to justify "the consequent infringement of rights long freely enjoyed".
  • Cornelissen and Goossens justify their classification with a few words.
  • The meaning of this phrase is: if one has nothing to justify themselves for, they should not apologize at all.
  • It is sometimes used to justify unlawful conduct.
  • Clarke and other antifeminists used Darwinism to justify their beliefs in the inherent biological differences between men and women.
  • Similar to a theodicy, a cosmodicy attempts to justify the fundamental goodness of the universe, and an anthropodicy attempts to justify the goodness of humanity.
  • In other words, the defect must be material if it is to justify redhibition.
  • command is used to left justify text. Text is flowed in each line of a paragraph up to a limit set with the -r option in the command line.
  • It could easily justify a specialised collection by itself!
  • These properties are used to justify cardinal exponentiation.
  • He argues that inductive reasoning cannot be rationally employed, since, in order to justify induction, one would either have to provide a sound deductive argument or an inductively strong argument.
  • Kahane says, "The slippery slope fallacy is committed only when we accept without further justification or argument that once the first step is taken, the others are going to follow, or that whatever would justify the first step would in fact justify the rest."
  • In the book, Hind argues that the Enlightenment has been 'hijacked' by corporate and state interests who use it to justify their activities.
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