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NOUN   kapok | kapoks
SYNO Bombay ceiba | Ceiba pentandra | ceiba tree | ...
unverified kapokowy {adj}kapok
kapok {m} [włókno]kapok [fibre]
puchowiec {m} pięciopręcikowy [Ceiba pentandra]
kapok [tree]
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Usage Examples English
  • Today, the soft fibres are still used as kapok for pillows.
  • "Rhodognaphalon mossambicense", the East African bombax or wild kapok tree, is a species of flowering plant in the family Malvaceae.
  • Earlier classification schemes place the genus in the kapok-tree family (Bombacaceae), but the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group places it in the mallow family (Malvaceae).
  • Darwin woollybutt and Darwin stringybark dominate, with large populations of fan palms, kapok, red apples, wattle and "Pandanus".
  • There is a very large kapok tree near the village of Boa Entrada, standing at the bottom of a valley, 400 m above sea level.
  • During World War II, the United States Navy used the down of "Typha" as a substitute for kapok in life vests and aviation jackets.
  • The early inhabitants called this town Bulak because of the abundant 'kapok' trees ('bulak' in vernacular) growing on the hill where the town is now.
  • The seed, leaves, and bark of the kapok tree have been used in traditional medicine by indigenous peoples of the rainforest regions in the Americas, west-central Africa, and Southeast Asia in this disease.
  • came to be supplanted by pouches containing watertight cells filled with kapok, a vegetable material.
  • Common names for the genus include silk cotton tree, simal, red cotton tree, kapok, and simply bombax.
  • Cotton fiber grows attached to cotton plant seeds. Other seed fibers are from kapok and milkweed.
  • Other common canopy trees include "Bombacopsis" species, snakewood ("Brosimum guianense"), kapok tree ("Ceiba pentandra"), "Cochlospermum orinocense", almendro ("Dipteryx panamensis") and balsam of Peru ("Myroxylon balsamum").
  • "Cochlospermum fraseri" is a tree in the family Bixaceae with common names cotton tree, kapok bush, and kapok tree.
  • There were displays including companies, foreign states and areas within the Dutch East Indies. One area of the grounds had pavilions dedicated to cocoa, coffee, kapok, and tea.
  • This bee collects pollen from tropical plants in its habitat, including kapok ("Ceiba pentandra"), pochote ("Pachira quinata"), hog plums ("Spondias" spp.), and acacias, as well as "Vismia baccifera" and "Pseudobombax septenatum".
  • Since the 20th century, simple Western-style wooden chairs have proliferated, as well as metal bedsteads with kapok mattresses which are set up on the sutri nädäba.
  • The Kapok Assault Bridge for infantry was developed for the British Army, using kapok filled canvas float and timber foot walks. America created their own version.
  • In Baïla, there is a kapok tree, considered sacred by the population, which is 14 centuries old.
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