Translation for 'abbreviation' from English to Polish
NOUN   an abbreviation | abbreviations
skrót {m}abbreviation <abbr.>
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Translation for 'abbreviation' from English to Polish

abbreviation <abbr.>
skrót {m}
Usage Examples English
  • Such a performer may be annotated in credits or even in song titles by the abbreviation "feat."
  • A baronet (traditional abbreviation Bart, modern abbreviation Bt) or the rare female equivalent, a baronetess (abbreviation Btss), is the holder of a hereditary title awarded by the British Crown known as a baronetcy.
  • Ahead of the 2021 season, Schumacher requested to use the ‘MSC’ abbreviation for his name, shown on TV coverage.
  • In British English it is not necessary to indicate an abbreviation with a full stop after the abbreviation, when the first and last letters of the abbreviation are the same as for the unabbreviated word, i.e.
  • Although its official ISO abbreviation is "SIAM J. Comput.", its publisher and contributors frequently use the shorter abbreviation "SICOMP".

  • The spelled-out form of an acronym, initialism, or syllabic abbreviation (that is, what that abbreviation stands for) is called its "expansion".
  • Unlike other expressways in Singapore whose abbreviation ends with 'E' for 'Expressway', the East Coast Parkway abbreviation ends with 'P' instead.
  • The Swedish abbreviation for "kulspruta" (machine gun, lit. "bullet sprayer") is "Ksp". "Strv" is the abbreviation of "Stridsvagn" (battle tank).
  • The meaning of the word "crypto" as an abbreviation is controversial.
  • In connection with the change in the Azerbaijani language of the word "autonomous" since 1945, the abbreviation "MSSR" instead of the abbreviation "ASSR" was depicted instead of the abbreviation "MSSR".

  • The famous Scottish botanist Robert Brown (1773–1858) abbreviation is R.Br.
  • In October 2021, the show stopped using the AT40 abbreviation and now uses its full name on air. Despite this, some affiliates still use the abbreviation when promoting the show.
  • The most common abbreviation for pennyweight is "dwt"; "d", for the Roman "denarius", was the abbreviation for "penny" before Decimalisation of the British monetary system.
  • In Eastern Christianity, the most widely used Christogram is a four-letter abbreviation, ΙϹ ΧϹ—a traditional abbreviation of the Greek words for 'Jesus Christ' (i.e., the first and last letters of each of the words [...] , with the lunate sigma 'Ϲ' common in medieval Greek), and written with titlo (diacritic) denoting scribal abbreviation (...).
  • ... "; abbreviation: " [...] " plural abbreviation: " [...] ") is a new species.

  • It uses nomina sacra. Name Ιησους (Jesus) is abbreviated to [...] (majority of manuscripts used abbreviation [...]). Number "one hundred and fifty-three" is written in abbreviation — [...].
  • (NATO abbreviation "NIJU"), [...] (NATO abbreviation "OLFI") and [...] (NATO abbreviation "PETO").
  • ... , Hebrew abbreviation [...] , 'Mops', English abbreviation 'MPS') was a political party in the British Mandate of Palestine from 1919&ndash;1922.
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