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SYNO about | almost | approximately | ...
{prep} [+loc.]about
około {adv}about
koło {prep} [+gen.]about
około {prep} [+gen.]about
2 Words
o Warszawieabout Warsaw
naokoło {prep} [+gen.]all about
dopytać [dok.] oto ask about
dopytywać [niedok.] oto ask about
skarżyć się [niedok.] na [+acc.]to complain about
unverified zacząć coś robić [dok.] [interesy itp.]to go about sth. [business etc. ]
pisać o [+loc.] [niedok.]to write about
3 Words
A co z tym?What about that?
O co chodzi?What's it about?
być złym o [+acc.]to be angry about sth.
pobić się [dok.] z kimś [loc.] o coś [acc.]to fight with sb. about sth.
bić się [niedok.] z kimś [loc.] o coś [acc.]to fight with sb. about sth.
4 Words
Nie przejmuj się tym!Don't worry about it!
Jest mi wobec kogoś/czegoś [gen.] głupio.I feel silly about sb./sth.
Właśnie zabierałem się do ...I was about to ...
wiele hałasu o nicmuch ado about nothing
rozpocząć normalne życie po chorobie [dok.]to be up and about [after illness]
owijać w bawełnę
to beat about the bush
5+ Words
Nawet o tym nie myśl.Don't even think about it.
olewać kogoś/coś [acc.] [lekceważyć] [niedok.]not to give a toss about sb./sth. [Br.] [coll.]
Fiction (Literature and Film)
Zakochana złośnica
10 Things­ I Hate About You
Wszystko o Ewie
All About Eve [Joseph L. Mankiewicz]
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Usage Examples English
  • "Alma Pirata" is a story about friendship, about never giving up, about adventure and justice, about freedom and loyalty, and most of all, it is about love.
  • Neufchâtel is situated about 10 miles (15 km) from Londinières and Saint-Saëns, about 12 miles (17 km) from Forges-les-Eaux, about 15 miles (21 km) from Buchy, about 19 miles (27 km) from Aumale, about 20 miles from Blangy-sur-Bresle and about 25 miles (36 km) from Dieppe.
  • Some of the pairings include Gal Gadot writing about Dwayne Johnson, Shawn Mendes writing about Taylor Swift, Shonda Rhimes writing about Sandra Oh, Ava DuVernay writing about Gayle King, and Beyoncé writing about Michelle Obama.
  • As young kids, Hadia worries about Amar, who lies to protect her and Huda, further upsetting their father.
  • In October 1971 the Group had about eighty employees on the shipping side and about 1,200 on the aviation side, including about 220 pilots and flight engineers, about 200 air-hostesses, about 450 ground engineers, and about 300 other ground staff.

  • He has also written about Franciscan matters. Lately he has also made some researches about his own family, about Sarrià, and about the time of the Spanish Civil War.
  • The watercolor was reproduced in Carl Larsson's "On the sunny side: a book about the dwelling, about children, about you, about flowers, about everything: outside the home", which was published in 1910.
  • He wrote two books about cartoonists, one about Georges Goursat (Sem) and the other about Carlègle (pseudonym of Charles Émile Egli).
  • De Ricci became a French citizen in 1901. He married Jenny Gabrielle Thérèse Dreyfus about 1902. She was born about 1886 and died about 1938.
  • Thomas Wellman and his wife Elizabeth had five children: Abraham (born about 1643-died about 1717), Isaac (born about 1647-died after 1724), Elizabeth (born about 1660-died 1740), Sarah (born about 1662), and Mary (born about 1664).

  • Arcot is about 28 km, Arni is about 19 km, Cheyyar is about 21 km, Kanchipuram is about 50 km and Vellore is about 50 km from the village.
  • The film is part of a trilogy by Fly about the Danish society. "Bænken" is about the underclass, "Arven" about the upper class and "Manslaughter" about the middle class.
  • It is about [...] southwest of Bologna, about [...] southwest of Modena, about [...] north of Lucca and about [...] northwest of Florence.
  • Both of the visible stars have mass of about [...] , luminosities of about [...] , effective temperatures of about [...] , and radii of about [...]. Their age is about 34 million years.
  • Each GAMBIT-1 satellite was about [...] long, [...] wide, weighed about [...] , and carried about [...] of film.

  • Another estimate of the dates of evolution The authors also found that the lemur clade evolved about [...] , the rodent species about [...] , the two known ovale species about [...] and the Asian species about [...].
  • Freiberg is located about [...] west-southwest of Dresden, about 31 kilometres east-northeast of Chemnitz, about [...] southeast of Leipzig, and about [...] south of Berlin and about [...] northwest of Prague.
  • When ripe, the four-angled fruit is yellow-green with red tones, about [...] long by [...] wide, and contains about 150 dark brown or black seeds, each about with a diameter of about [...].
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