Translation for 'axiom of extensionality' from English to Polish
aksjomat {m} ekstensjonalności
axiom of extensionality
Partial Matches
aksjomat {m} ekstensjonalności
axiom of extension
aksjomat {m} wyboru <AC>
axiom of choice <AC>
aksjomat {m} determinacji <AD>
axiom of determinacy <AD>
aksjomat {m}
(jak) wiadomo {adv}of course
niezależnie od {adv} [+gen.]regardless of
niezależnie od {adv} [+gen.]irrespective of
łyżka {noun} [+gen.]spoonful of
mnóstwo [+gen.]plenty of
ze {prep} [+gen.]out of
{prep} [+gen.]out of
ze {prep} [+gen.] [materiał]of [material]
przekonać o [dok.]to convince (of)
przekonywać [niedok.] o [+loc.]to convince of
zamiast {prep} [+gen.]instead of
polski {adj}of Poland
oczywiście {adv}of course
z powodu {prep} [+gen.]because of
{prep} [+gen.] [materiał]of [material]
jakby {adv}sort of
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Usage Examples English
  • According to the axiom of extensionality, the identity of a set is determined by its elements.
  • In first-order logic with equality, the axiom of extensionality states that two sets which "contain" the same elements are the same set.
  • In axiomatic set theory and the branches of logic, mathematics, and computer science that use it, the axiom of extensionality, or axiom of extension, is one of the axioms of Zermelo–Fraenkel set theory.
  • That a set can capture the notion of the extension of anything is the idea behind the axiom of extensionality in axiomatic set theory.
  • Note that in this case, the axiom of extensionality must be formulated to apply only to objects that are not urelements.

  • In set theory, the axiom of extensionality states that two sets are equal if and only if they contain the same elements.
  • The axiom of extensionality implies the empty set is unique (does not depend on [...]).
  • Axiom of extensionality. [...] If two classes have the same elements, then they are identical.
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