Translation for 'aziridine' from English to Polish
NOUN   aziridine | aziridines
azyrydyna {f} [C2H5N, (CH2)2NH]
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Translation for 'aziridine' from English to Polish

azyrydyna {f} [C2H5N, (CH2)2NH]chem.
Usage Examples English
  • Binary ethylenimine (BEI) is a preparation of aziridine.
  • It can be viewed as a structural analog of aziridine, with boron replacing the nitrogen atom of aziridine.
  • It converts amides to "N"-nitroso derivatives. NOCl converts some cyclic amines to the alkenes. For example, aziridine reacts with NOCl to give ethene, nitrous oxide and hydrogen chloride.
  • , an aziridine, is used as a chemotherapeutic agent by virtue of its antitumour activity.
  • Alternatively, they can be obtained by oxidation of the corresponding aziridine.

  • Iminium ion formation is prohibited in this molecule because the aziridine group and the formyl group are said to be orthogonal.
  • A direct approach involves the reaction of aziridine with sulfurous acid.
  • Between 400 and 550°C, the cyclic amine, aziridine decomposes to a mixture of "N"-methylmethanimine and ethylideneimine.
  • The Blum–Ittah aziridine synthesis, also known as the Blum–Ittah-Shahak aziridine synthesis or simply the Blum aziridine synthesis is a name reaction of organic chemistry, for the generation of aziridines from oxiranes.
  • RajanBabu has evaluated asymmetric aziridine openings with high enantioselectivity using yttrium- and lanthanide- salen complexes.

  • The De Kimpe aziridine synthesis is suitable for both aldimines and ketamines, particularly those with two alkyl substituents on the α-carbon (Thorpe-Ingold effect).
  • A methylene transfer reaction of an imine by an unstabilised sulphonium ylide can give an aziridine system.
  • It is a secondary amine and the smallest chiral aziridine (ring containing C2N).
  • Divinyl aziridines undergo a similar suite of reactions providing azepines or vinyl pyrrolines depending on the relative configuration of the aziridine starting material.
  • It belongs to the class of compounds known as mitomycins, which are characterized by their aziridine ring linked to a 7-amino-6-methyl-cyclohexa[...]pyrrolizine-5,8-dione structure.

  • Other names for this are the systematic name 2,3-Aziridinedione or oxalimide.
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