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NOUN   a baby tooth | baby teeth
SYNO baby tooth | deciduous tooth | milk tooth | ...
ząb {m} mleczny
baby tooth
Partial Matches
ząb {m}
ząb {m} mleczny
deciduous tooth
ząb {m} trzonowy
molar (tooth)
próchnica {f} zębów
tooth decay
(górny) kieł {m}
eye tooth
kieł {m}
canine (tooth)
ząb {m} mądrości
wisdom tooth
korzeń {m} zęba
tooth root
ząb {m} mleczny
milk tooth [Br.]
ząb {m} trzonowy
cheek tooth [molar] [Am.]
dziecko {n} [niemowlę]baby
niemowlę {n}baby
wcześniak {m} [osob.]
premature baby
wózek {m} dziecięcy (z siedzeniem)(baby) buggy
potrawka {f} dla niemowląt
baby food
Dzieciątko {n} Jezus
Baby Jesus
sinica {f} u noworodka
blue baby syndrome
urodzić dziecko [dok.]to deliver a baby
beksa {f} [pot.]cry-baby [coll.]
wózek {m} dziecięcy (z budką)baby carriage [Am.]
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Usage Examples English
  • In Middle Eastern countries (including Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and Sudan), there is a tradition of throwing a baby tooth up into the sky to the sun or to Allah.
  • The bare feet distraction was her idea to divert attention away from a gap in her smile left by a baby tooth that had fallen out.
  • The tradition of throwing a baby tooth up into the sky to the sun playfully asking for a better tooth to replace it is common in Middle Eastern countries (including Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and Sudan).
  • Preliminary results of the Baby Tooth Survey were published in the November 24, 1961, edition of the journal "Science", and showed that levels of strontium-90 had risen steadily in children born in the 1950s, with those born later showing the most pronounced increases.
  • Marge discovers Maggie's first baby tooth, which appears to be a sharp fang.

  • In a final scene, a young boy is being tucked into bed by his parents, having just lost his last baby tooth.
  • In the late 1950s, Commoner became known for his opposition to nuclear weapons testing, becoming part of the team which conducted the Baby Tooth Survey, demonstrating the presence of Strontium 90 in children's teeth as a direct result of nuclear fallout.
  • Season 4 concluded in the USA when the remaining 5 episodes ("Archerfish School", "This Orca Likes Sharks", "Baby Tooth and Kid Musky", "Cheetah Adopted" and "Muskox Mania") aired from April 10–14, 2017.
  • The oldest known specimen of "Arctotherium" consists of a baby tooth (dp4 molar) found in the Río Tomayate locality of Cuscatlán Formation of El Salvador, along with a partial "Borophagus" skull, dated to the latest Pliocene (2.588 Ma).
  • They occur when the upper from the premolar deciduous cap or baby tooth is kept resulting in the abnormal growth of the permanent premolar.

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