Translation for 'back to front' from English to Polish
tył na przód
back to front
Partial Matches
front {m}
front {m} zokludowany
occluded front
przednie wyjście {n}front exit
wejście {n} z przodufront entrance
front {m} ciepły
warm front
front {m} chłodny
cold front
front {m} zachodni
Western Front
czołówka {f}
front page
przed {prep} [+instr.] [+acc.]in front of
przednia opona {f}
front tyre [Br.]
linia {f} walki
front line [fighting front]
sprzed {prep} [+gen.]from in front of
Dokończenie nastąpi. <d.n.>To be continued. <To be cont'd.>
plecy {pl} [plurale tantum]
odrzucać [np.piłkę] [niedok.]to throw back
odrzucić [np. piłkę] [dok.]to throw back
tylne wejście {n}back entrance
tylna opona {f}
back tyre
wycofać się [np. zdanie, opinię] [dok.]to back down
wyluzowany {adj}laid-back [coll.]
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Usage Examples English
  • Moody mentioned that "Bostic knew his instrument inside out, back to front and upside down."
  • The book tells of Alice's adventures within the back-to-front world of Looking-glass world.
  • White people filled the middle seats from the front to back, and black people filled seats from the back to front until the bus was full.
  • The new lineup recorded another album of soul covers, "Back to Front", released in October 2007.
  • The ray cast is a vector that can originate from the camera or from the scene endpoint ("back to front", or "front to back").

  • In most types, they are not placed in numerical sequence from back to front, but arranged so that cathodes in front obscure the lit cathode minimally.
  • These electrical properties, however, do not depend on whether the hexagonal lattice is rolled from its back to front or from its front to back and hence are the same for the tube and its mirror image.
  • There is no facility to prevent it being inserted back to front, where the styli would be prevented from making contact with the wax surface.
  • These vocal folds are covered with a mucous membrane and are stretched horizontally, from back to front, across the larynx.
  • However, in order to achieve a sufficient density of coverage typically all 24 canisters are dispensed sequentially from back to front.

  • Here, every volume element is splatted, as Lee Westover said, like a snow ball, on to the viewing surface in back to front order.
  • In a simplified ideal situation a semiconductor diode would never function, since it would be composed of several diodes connected back-to-front in series.
  • Smokey wears bright red (or yellow) rubber boots and a clownish striped "helmet" (always worn back-to-front), which he sometimes ties to his nose with string, in lieu of a chinstrap.
  • Ferdinand received a standing ovation when he returned to St James' Park as a Tottenham player, trying to put Shearer's number 9 shirt on to complete a lap of honour, he broke down in tears and could only manage to put the shirt on inside out and back to front before being helped from the field.
  • During his one night on Rockall, Greenpeace protester and "Guardian" journalist John Vidal unscrewed the 1955 plaque and re-fixed it back-to-front.

  • Despite this, the band's follow up singles (covers of "I Need Your Lovin'" and "Gimme the Sunshine") were unsuccessful, which resulted in the album "Back to Front" only being released in Japan and selected overseas markets.
  • This was a task that he took to with clear relish – regional television viewers saw Mr Hill doing a rap in the middle of Trafalgar Square with a baseball hat on back to front to try to encourage young Londoners to vote in the elections.
  • More elaborate and formidable obstructions could be formed with multiple lines of stakes connected with wire running from side-to-side, back-to-front, and diagonally in many directions.
  • The method applies to any proposition of the type "If A then B" and says that negating all the variables and switching them back to front leads to a new proposition i.e.
  • "Go for It" signified the change in Burns' writing style, with much darker and taboo subjects, such as domestic abuse in the song "Hits and Misses" and football hooliganism in the song "Back to Front" (not on the original LP but a bonus track on CD reissue) but the band also still told the story of being a teenager growing up with the song "Kicking Up a Racket".

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