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ADJ   back | - | -
NOUN   a back | backs
VERB   to back | backed | backed
backing | backs
plecy {pl} [plurale tantum]
oparcie {n} [krzesła, fotela]back [of seat]
2 Words
wyluzowany {adj}laid-back [coll.]
pyskować komuś [niedok.]to answer sb.back
wycofać się [np. zdanie, opinię] [dok.]to back down
odrzucić [np. piłkę] [dok.]to throw back
odrzucać [np.piłkę] [niedok.]to throw back
tylne wejście {n}back entrance
zęby {} trzonowe
back teeth [molars]
tylna opona {f}
back tyre
3 Words
tył na przód
back to front
na odwrocie {adv}on the back
odczepić się od kogoś [pot.] [dok.]to get off sb.'s back [coll.]
koniec {m} świataback of beyond [Br.] [coll.]
5+ Words
Przysługa za przysługę.
You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.
odstąpić od umowy sprzedaży [dok.]to back out of a sales agreement
znać coś jak własną kieszeń
to know sth. as the back of one's hand [to know sth inside out]
znać coś [acc.] jak własną kieszeń [niedok.]
to know sth. like the back of one's hand
Fiction (Literature and Film)
Kiedy byliśmy dorośli
Back When We Were Grownups [Anne Tyler]
Kochanku wróć
Lover Come Back [Delbert Mann]
Taxa/Species (Animals, Plants, Fungi)
skakun {m} arlekinowy [Salticus scenicus]
zebra (back) spider
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Usage Examples English
  • Curie recently won back-to-back CPS Championships in football and played in back-to-back Prep Bowls (City Champ vs. Catholic League champ).
  • The term back line can either refer to the "full-back line" consisting of the two back pockets and the full-back, or both the full- and half-back lines, which collectively can also be referred to as the "defence", "defensive unit" or the "back six".
  • When two eagles are shown back-to-back and facing the edges of the field the term used is "addorsed" / "endorsed" or "adossés" ("back-to-back").
  • These announcers have tended to describe the "ball itself" as going "back-back-back".
  • Two sensor back types are commonly used: single shot back (non-scanning) and scan back.
  • entered third seven–points back. Denny Hamlin entered fourth eight–points back.
  • Abaya plays the right-back position. He can, however, play left-back and centre-back positions.
  • The Vizag back-to-back HVDC station, or Visakhapatnam back-to-back HVDC station, is a back-to-back HVDC connection between the eastern and southern regions in India, located close to the city of Visakhapatnam, and owned by Power Grid Corporation of India.
  • Vered is a right-footed right back that can also play center back and left back.
  • Brian Campion (born 1984) is an Irish hurler who played as a goalkeeper, corner-back, full-back, wing-back and centre-back for the Laois senior team.
  • After the Olympics and into early 2017, USWNT coach Jill Ellis experimented with different formations and Long started several matches playing centre-back as part of a three back.
  • The 2003, 2004, and 2005 Boys Baseball Team won back-to-back-to-back Summer Season Division 1 State Championships.
  • Near-back vowels are essentially a type of back vowels; no language is known to contrast back and near-back vowels based on backness alone.
  • Winner: Durham Bulls; first team to win back to back IL titles since Columbus Clippers won back in 1991.
  • "Balance beam": Jump to knee mount, back handspring, back handspring, tucked full; switch split leap; Chen; front aerial; full turn; tucked side salto; back handspring, back handspring, triple twist dismount.
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