Translation for 'backwards' from English to Polish
ADJ   backwards | more backwards | most backwards
SYNO back | backward | backwards | ...
tam i z powrotem
backwards and forwards
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Translation for 'backwards' from English to Polish

backwards and forwards
tam i z powrotemidiom
Usage Examples English
  • In contrast, the Fault tree analysis (FTA) evaluates risk by tracing backwards in time or backwards through a cause chain.
  • A portion of the song's music video shows Urban appearing to walk forwards, while everyone else about him is walking backwards.
  • The Skien animal has three heads, one looking backwards, one looking to the side and one looking forward.
  • One early experiment involved celebrating the second anniversary of the Paul is dead hoax by playing not only Beatles, but other rock, and even classical records backwards, or using the station's two turntables to play a Beatles song forwards and backwards at the same time.
  • Some of the service names may spell backwards when going in "down" direction, which is from Gare du Nord.

  • Everyone around him walks in reverse and cars drive backwards.
  • Backwards body drop techniques (...) are "kimarite" where the "rikishi" wins the match by throwing an opponent or forcing them backwards.
  • A portion of the propelling charge bled through holes in the cartridge wall and into a space around the breech and then backwards through four venturis.
  • In BMX a fakie is riding backwards and pedaling with the sprocket movement as you are moving backwards then at the right point turning your bars the opposite direction you want to turn and sliding out so you are riding forward again.
  • A 'backwards' variant of beam tracing casts beams from the light source into the environment.

  • At transonic speeds (near the speed of sound), it helps to sweep the wing backwards or forwards to reduce drag from supersonic shock waves as they begin to form.
  • The Backwards Bug bites Miguel and Athena, which causes them to speak backwards.
  • NOTE: The backwards version of the album title track does not appear on either the original or reissue albums, although the backwards title is listed on the front cover.
  • Tsika sata. I'm walking backwards. Estoy caminando hacia atrás. Kuaka satu. Walk backwards. Camina hacia atrás.
  • The sand crab always moves backwards when burrowing or crawling.

  • The band's name was derived from Mustaine's initials backwards (MD), combined with 45 which is derived from converting Ving's backwards initials (VL) to their numerical value in Roman numerals which is 45.
  • Planned obsolescence is a type of upward compatibility, but rather than adopting a policy of backwards compatibility, companies adopt a commercial policy of backwards incompatibility so that newer apps require newer devices.
  • The wrestler performs a handspring and, as they jump backwards, they grab their opponent in a [...] facelock and fall backwards, dropping the opponent face-first into the mat.
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