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NOUN   a calcite | calcites
kalcyt {m}
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Translation for 'calcite' from English to Polish

kalcyt {m}geol.
Usage Examples English
  • Micrite is derived from MICRocrystalline calcITE.
  • Manganoan calcite is sometimes confused with rhodochrosite.
  • Basalt has been replaced by calcite in a restricted area just north of the Temagami's former garbage dump.
  • The quarry exhibits pale to dark grey well-bedded Carboniferous Limestone, about 350-320 million years old, dipping steeply and consistently northwards and numerous "fist-sized" calcite inclusions within the limestones both solid and hollow with internal calcite crystal growth.
  • The cyanobacteria "Calothrix", "Synechococcus" and "Gloeocapsa" can precipitate strontian calcite in groundwater.
  • Most of the mine claims filed were more practical than golden dreams: asbestos, calcite, talc, and clay.
  • Carbonate compensation depth (CCD) is the depth in the oceans below which the rate of supply of calcite (calcium carbonate) lags behind the rate of solvation, such that no calcite is preserved.
  • Calcium carbonate most commonly occurs in two common polymorphs (crystalline forms): aragonite and calcite.
  • Dogtooth spar is a speleothem that consists of very large calcite crystals resembling dogs' teeth.
  • Lenses of trilobites' eyes were made of calcite (calcium carbonate, CaCO3).
  • Calcite is a carbonate mineral and the most stable polymorph of calcium carbonate (CaCO3).
  • With ocean acidification, inputs of carbon dioxide promote the dissolution of calcium carbonate and harm marine organisms dependent on their protective calcite or aragonite shells.The solubility of calcium carbonate increases with pressure and carbon dioxide and decreases with temperature.
  • Calcite is then deposited. Calcite is known by various names depending on the shape it acquires.
  • The wonder of the Crystal hall is the silvery fringe of calcite icicles hanging from the ceiling.
  • Rigid egg shells, except in turtles, are composed of calcite.
  • The formation of a monolayer of calcite further increases the affinity of the bacteria to the soil surface, resulting in the production of multiple layers of calcite.
  • It is a turquoise body of water that changes colour as calcite in the water dissolves or precipitates depending on temperature.
  • Saline minerals (typically calcite) are common in the mudstones of the Lockatong Formation.
  • Cathodoluminescence is the most important tool paleontologists have for revealing whether or not the calcium in fossil eggshell has been altered. Calcite in eggshell is either pure or rich in calcium carbonate.
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