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NOUN1   a direction | directions
NOUN2   direction | -
SYNO centering | charge | commission | ...
kierunek {m}direction
w tym kierunku {adv}in this direction
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Translation for 'direction' from English to Polish

kierunek {m}

in this direction
w tym kierunku {adv}
Usage Examples English
  • It connects Sini and Chakardharpur on east direction, Ranchi, Hatia on north direction, Jharsuguda on south direction and Barsuan and Bimlagarh on south direction.
  • It connects Sri Ganganagar Junction on north direction, Anupgarh on West direction, Suratgarh Junction on east direction.
  • The axial direction is a direction parallel to an axis.
  • In Canada, New Zealand, and the United States, each direction of travel along a numbered highway is assigned a cardinal direction.
  • Direction and choreography were once again by Omar F. Okai, with musical direction from Tyrone Landau.
  • It connects Jaunpur Junction on north direction, Janghai junction, Phaphamau Junction, Allahabad of east direction, Varanasi Junction on south-east direction and Sultanpur junction on North-west direction.
  • Floats with direction control change direction by planing or moving to one side when given a tug.
  • Unlike two-wheeled balancing mobile robots like Segway that balance in one direction but cannot move in the lateral direction, the ballbot is omni-directional and hence, can roll in any direction.
  • It has a higher thermal conductivity value in Z-direction than xy-direction.
  • When an Ion beam penetrating in to matter, ions undergo successive scattering events and deviates from original direction.
  • The illumination coming from surfaces must scatter in a particular direction that is some function of the incoming direction of the arriving illumination, and the outgoing direction being sampled.
  • The complete search direction is the sum of the predictor direction and the corrector direction.
  • Previously, direction for light entertainment and reality series were recognised in the Best Direction in Television category.
  • A study published in February 2021 showed that there are more quasars in one direction (towards Hydra) than in the opposite direction, seemingly indicating that the Earth is moving in that direction.
  • To define the network topology completely it is necessary to assign a direction to each branch.
  • Once the player get all five cars of the same color in all four directions, it results in an overdrive, where they can send vehicles of their color in the direction of that color before the color in that direction goes away, but once the vehicle goes in the right direction, it fills that direction up.
  • Aunrihar Station connects Mau Junction, Bhatni Junction and Gorakhpur Junction on north east direction, [...] , Phephna Junction, Ballia of east direction, Sarnath and Varanasi Junction on south-west direction and Jaunpur junction on north-west direction.
  • The "fast" direction here (the basis vector with the greater increase in value) is the [...] direction.
  • -direction, toward the ceiling, is in the direction of [...].
  • It connects to [...] on north-west direction, Gulburga and Wadi Junction on south-east direction, Bijapur and Gadag Junction on south direction.
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