Translation for 'elements' from English to Polish
NOUN   an element | elements
układ {m} okresowy pierwiastków
periodic table (of the chemical elements)
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Translation for 'elements' from English to Polish

periodic table (of the chemical elements)
układ {m} okresowy pierwiastkówchem.
Usage Examples English
  • The shape of elements helps to distinguish aspects. Structural elements have square corners, behavioral elements come with round corners. Diagonal corners indicate a motivational element.
  • Part 1: Elements check - All display elements are turned on when the system check is initiated.
  • Transposable elements are self-replicating, selfish genetic elements which are capable of proliferating within host genomes.
  • Phases with higher degrees of complexity feature more elements, e.g. three elements in ternary phases, four elements in quaternary phases.
  • A clipping circuit consists of linear elements like resistors and non-linear elements like diodes or transistors, but it does not contain energy-storage elements like capacitors.

  • In theoretical physics, the even elements are sometimes called "Bose elements" or "bosonic", and the odd elements "Fermi elements" or fermionic.
  • Bridge scoring consists of nine elements. Not all elements are included in all game variants and the method of accumulation of the elements over several deals varies.
  • The DSM algorithms are used for reordering the matrix elements subject to some criteria.
  • Ancient philosophy posited a set of classical elements to explain observed patterns in nature.
  • All of those elements mentioned above are interlinked and interdependent.

  • The MAB format allows a finer granularity when marking bibliographical elements than MARC.
  • Moreover, in HTML 4 and XHTML 1, many elements were either superseded by a single semantic construct (such as "object" elements replacing proprietary "applet" and "embed" elements) or deprecated due to being presentational (such as the "s", "strike" and "u" elements).
  • There are two parts to Custom Elements: autonomous custom elements and customized built-in elements.
  • Finite element methods can be defined per mesh or per element and they include a wide range of options like classical Lagrange elements Pk and Qk of arbitrary dimension and degree k, Hermite and Argyris elements, discontinuous Pk and Qk elements, vectorial and hierarchical basis elements as well as XFEM elements.
  • With regard to the Alma chapter 36 chiasmus, one critic alleges that Welch "fashioned a chiasm by selecting elements from repetitious language, creatively labeling elements, ignoring text, pairing unbalanced elements, and even including asymmetrical elements".

  • Crimes can generally be reduced to "actus reus" elements and "mens rea" elements.
  • The described game elements fit within a broader framework, which involves three types of elements: Dynamics, Mechanics, and Components. These elements constitute The Game Element Hierarchy.
  • Metadata schemata can be hierarchical in nature where relationships exist between metadata elements and elements are nested so that parent-child relationships exist between the elements.
  • The prismatic "n"-polytope elements are doubled from the (...)-polytope elements and then creating new elements from the next lower element.
  • The dry seal gasholder has four major elements: the foundation; the main tank; the piston and the sealing membrane.

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