Translation for 'ellipse' from English to Polish
NOUN   an ellipse | ellipses
VERB   to ellipse | ellipsed | ellipsed
ellipsing | ellipses
SYNO ellipse | oval
elipsa {f}
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Translation for 'ellipse' from English to Polish

elipsa {f}mat.
Usage Examples English
  • The circle and ellipse models are deliberately simplified to avoid distracting details which are not relevant to the circle–ellipse problem.
  • How to find the vertices and semi-axes of the ellipse is described in ellipse.
  • For an ellipse, two diameters are said to be conjugate if and only if the tangent line to the ellipse at an endpoint of one diameter is parallel to the other diameter.
  • For an ellipse, the standard terminology is different.
  • The major and minor axes of an ellipse are perpendicular to each other and to the tangent lines to the ellipse at the points where the axes intersect the ellipse.

  • The Rytz’s axis construction is a basic method of descriptive geometry to find the axes, the semi-major axis and semi-minor axis and the vertices of an ellipse, starting from two conjugated half-diameters.
  • Every triangle has an inscribed ellipse, called its Steiner inellipse, that is internally tangent to the triangle at the midpoints of all its sides.
  • The 1-ellipse is the circle, and the 2-ellipse is the classic ellipse. Both are algebraic curves of degree 2.
  • The director circle of an ellipse circumscribes the minimum bounding box of the ellipse.
  • The semi-minor axis of an ellipse runs from the center of the ellipse (a point halfway between and on the line running between the foci) to the edge of the ellipse.

  • ... A) For an equilateral triangle the Steiner ellipse is the circumcircle, which is the only ellipse, that fulfills the preconditions.
  • The eccentricity of an ellipse can be seen as a measure of how far the ellipse deviates from being circular.
  • A prolate ellipsoidal dome is derived by rotating an ellipse around the long axis of the ellipse; an oblate ellipsoidal dome is derived by rotating an ellipse around the short axis of the ellipse.
  • Every triangle has a unique Steiner inellipse which is interior to the triangle and tangent at the midpoints of the sides.
  • For the generation of points of the ellipse [...] one uses the pencils at the vertices [...]. Let [...] be an upper co-vertex of the ellipse and [...].

  • "Given": Ellipse with vertices [...] and foci [...] and a right circular cone with apex [...] containing the ellipse (see diagram).
  • If ellipse E collapses to a line segment [...] , one gets a slight variation of the gardener's method drawing an ellipse with foci [...].
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