Translation for 'typo' from English to Polish
NOUN   a typo | typos
VERB   to typo | typoed / typod | typoed / typod
typoing | typos
SYNO erratum | literal | literal error | ...
literówka {f}typo [coll.]
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Translation for 'typo' from English to Polish

typo [coll.]
literówka {f}
Usage Examples English
  • The name was originally chosen to be Star Dock 134, however due to a typo on the original promotion material the name was officially changed to "StarDoc" to match the typo.
  • A typo (short for Typographical Error) is a mistake made in the typing process.
  • Some maps label the range as 幕埠山, which would be transliterated as Mùbù Shān (Mubu Mountains), but this apparently is a typo.
  • A utility called "TYPO" ("Type Your Program Once," a play on typographical error) was used to verify that programs were typed in correctly that generated set of check-sums for different portions of the lines of code, but it didn't help users find exactly which line had the error.
  • Similar to automatic typo correction for English in word processors, pinyin method implementations can recognize possible typos and show appropriate word candidates.

  • Spell-as-you-type: With this feature, Sprint could beep at you in real time when detecting a typo.
  • An error introduced by OCR scanning is sometimes termed a "scanno" (by analogy with the term "typo").
  • In October 2021 a supply chain issue was discovered where Baseboard Management Controllers were shipped with a license/royalty sticker that included a typo where the company name was written as "American Megatrands".
  • Another kind of typo—informally called an "atomic typo"—is a typo that happens to result in a correctly spelled word that is different from the intended one.
  • The book's title contained a typo at one point, with regard to the possessive form of the plural word "Democrats", which has since been corrected.

  • In 2018, the script got digitalized and a digital typo that can be used on any Microsoft Word-based processing software became available for download.
  • Some references have a typo and incorrectly state that character 0xB4 is U+0403, rather than the correct U+0404.
  • "Damn, UI made a typo mistake in the name - article already exists.
  • As of September 12, 2022, the latest system version is 11.16.0-49, which fixed a typo for Nintendo's support phone number.
  • Stanza Fourteen also contains a typo. "Captain Rase" is actually a reference to Captain Ezekiel Rose.

  • The name is unusual as it has two successive i's. This is not a typo.
  • The very first CD pressing of the album, which is just a standard silver disc with track names and other info in black typeface, contains a typo in the track list on the disc itself; "Pigs in Zen" is listed as "Pigs in Ten."
  • The original name was "Ski-Dog", but a typographical error in a Bombardier brochure changed the name Ski-Dog to Ski-Doo.
  • In the Unicode specification, [...] has a typo in its name; "BRACKET" is spelt as "BRAKCET".
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