Translation for 'No idea' from English to Portuguese
Não faço ideia!No idea!
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Não faço ideia!I have no idea!
Partial Matches
parecer {m}idea
ideia {f}idea
ideia {f} principalmain idea
não {adv}no
nenhum {adj}no
nobélio {m} <No>nobelium <No>
de jeito nenhum {adv}no way
de forma alguma {adv}no way
sem dúvida {adj} {adv}no doubt
para nada {adv}to no purpose
por nada {adv}to no purpose
em vão {adv}to no purpose
de modo algum {adv}by no means
não fazer ideiato have no clue
não ter noçãoto have no clue
ser um naboto have no clue
ser uma nabato have no clue
Sem problema!No problem! <np>
de jeito nenhum {adv}in no case
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Usage Examples English
  • At the time, Boas had no idea that speaking at Atlanta University would put him at odds with a different prominent Black figure, Booker T.
  • Sullivan apparently had no idea who McCartney was.
  • He related that he had no idea of the familial connections when the Marquess of Milford Haven introduced himself after a show and said he would like his cousins to see Kaye perform.
  • Pace praised the rest of the cast and crew members of "The Hobbit" film project as inspirational, noting that they were collectively telling a big story which was intended to be fully fleshed out on the green screen and which they had no idea how it would ultimately turn out.
  • The GE-235 had no idea it was not running in batch mode, and the illusion of multitasking was being maintained externally.

  • Nhu had no idea that Đình's real intention was to engulf Saigon with rebel units and lock Tung's loyalists in the countryside where they could not defend the Ngô family.
  • Mallon was the first individual who was found to be an asymptomatic carrier of the typhoid bacterium, and this caused the health officials to have little to no idea of how to deal with someone in her position.
  • When Howard Hawks filmed the novel, his writing team was perplexed by that question, in response to which Chandler replied that he had no idea.
  • I have no idea what the Ya-Men were — or are — like.
  • Theaetetus says he really has no idea how to answer the question, and Socrates tells him that he is there to help.

  • Freeman said he had no idea what was happening when he opened the Ark.
  • At the time, however, she had no idea she would write works featuring him for decades to come.
  • Jung would ask a patient to imagine the image as vividly as possible and to explain it to him as if he had no idea as to what a "deal table" was.
  • Many families either had no idea that their television possessed a V-chip or gave up after struggling to program it.
  • As time passed, first with Korea and then Vietnam, Construction Battalions were reactivated with the units having no idea what the World War II insignia had been so they made new ones.

  • Railtrack had no idea how many potential Hatfields were waiting to happen, nor did they have any way of assessing the consequence of the speed restrictions they were ordering, largely because the majority of the engineering skill of British Rail had been sold off into separate maintenance and renewal companies.
  • Chain reactions at that time were a known phenomenon in "chemistry", but the analogous process in nuclear physics, using neutrons, had been foreseen as early as 1933 by Szilárd, although Szilárd at that time had no idea with what materials the process might be initiated.
  • Government officials often did not translate the documents which Native Americans were forced to sign, and native chiefs often had little or no idea what they were signing.
  • Because of this, there is an increasingly large population that has no idea that others would consider them [...].
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