Translation for 'nodule' from English to Portuguese
NOUN   a nodule | nodules
SYNO nodule | tubercle
nódulo {m}
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Translation for 'nodule' from English to Portuguese

nódulo {m}med.
Usage Examples English
  • Less commonly, a single nodule is responsible for the excess hormone secretion, called a "hot" nodule.
  • The pits that penetrate the bore are usually covered in a hard pale green nodule of copper sulfate and copper hydroxide salts.
  • Results of a 1995 study suggested that the low free oxygen concentration in root nodule cells is actually due to the low oxygen permeability of root nodule cells.
  • In medicine, the Sister Mary Joseph nodule (sometimes Sister Mary Joseph node or Sister Mary Joseph sign) refers to a palpable nodule bulging into the umbilicus as a result of metastasis of a malignant cancer in the pelvis or abdomen.
  • A new nodule usually appears red and is hot and firm to the touch.

  • In the early stages, when the nodule is single and/or smaller, it is recommended to avoid direct pressure to the nodule(s). Soft inner soles on footwear and padding may be helpful.
  • In 1984, Urrutia produced the first translation ever of the 'Spangler Nodule', an iron nodule allegedly found in Ohio in 1800 with an inscription carved on it.
  • The eponymous phenomenon known as the Sister Mary Joseph nodule refers to a palpable nodule bulging into the umbilicus as a result of metastasis of a malignant cancer in the pelvis or abdomen.
  • It is a fast-growing root nodule bacteria. "Sinorhizobium fredii" exhibit a broad host-range and are able to nodulate both determinant hosts such as soy as well as indeterminate hosts including the pigeon pea.
  • Colloid nodules may be initially identified as an unspecified kind of thyroid nodule.

  • A round nodule of purple-red pitch from which the larvae feed is produced around the feeding site.
  • Yet, a cyst of Montgomery usually is diagnosed when a female patient, 10–20 years of age, complains to a healthcare professional of breast pain (mastalgia), inflammation or a palpable nodule in the breast.
  • SCC of the skin begins as a small nodule and as it enlarges the center becomes necrotic and sloughs and the nodule turns into an ulcer, and generally are developed from an actinic keratosis.
  • The members of this tribe have a distinctive root nodule morphology, often referred to as an "aeschynomenoid" or "dalbergioid" nodule.
  • Idiopathic facial aseptic granuloma is a cutaneous condition characterized by a chronic, painless, solitary nodule, reminiscent of an acne nodule, appearing on the cheeks of young children.

  • Lung cancer can often appear as a solitary pulmonary nodule on a chest radiograph or CT scan.
  • Cell division is stimulated in the hypodermis and cortex, which leads to the formation of a "prenodule".
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