Translation for 'where from' from English to Portuguese
de onde {adv}where from
4 Words
De onde você é? [Bras.]Where are you from?
Partial Matches
onde {adv}where
Onde foi que você nasceu? [Bras.]Where were you born?
Onde você nasceu?Where were you born?
Qual é seu lugar de origem?Where were you born?
Qual é a sua naturalidade?Where were you born?
Onde nasceste?Where were you born?
Aonde leva esta estrada?Where does this road go to?
Pra onde vai essa estrada? [Bras.]Where does this road go to?
de {prep}from
de ... afrom ... to
diferente dedifferent from
de cimafrom above
derivar deto derive from
padecer deto suffer from
penar comto suffer from
sofrer deto suffer from
tirar proveito deto derive benefit from
manter-se longe deto keep away from
manter distância deto keep away from
a partir de hoje {adv}from this day onwards
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Usage Examples English
  • Julius Frontinus, the governor of Britain from 74 to 78 ordered several campaigns against the Silures tribe and during the war the fortress of Caerleon in Wales was constructed where from 75 the legion was based.
  • Homer Rodeheaver said that "One of these sermons, until he tempered it down a little, had one ten-minute period in it where from two to twelve men fainted and had to be carried out every time I heard him preach it."
  • After studying at the University of Göttingen he returned to Gotha, where from 1827 to 1832 he held a post ("inspector coenobii") in connection with the gymnasium.
  • He was an instructor at Case Western Reserve University for six years before leaving to work for General Electric, where, from 1989, he served as Chief Scientist.
  • In 1811 he became professor ordinarius at Frederick William University, Berlin, where from 1820 he was also preacher at Trinity Church and worked with Schleiermacher.

  • Basel is located at the so-called 'knee' of the Rhine, at the point where from the west the little Birsig joins the Rhine from the left, and where the Rhine itself switches from flowing in a westerly direction to a northerly flow.
  • He was sent to the front line in the Somme where from mid-December 1914 until February 1915, he was in the line at Frise (La Grenouillère and Bois de la Vache).
  • The name St Anne's was chosen as historically, there was a chapel of Saint Anne at the University Church of St Mary the Virgin where, from the college's earliest days, the whole student body would gather for termly services.
  • After a spell as an apprentice mason, Jacobsen was admitted to the Architecture School at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts where from 1924 to 1927 he studied under Kay Fisker and Kaj Gottlob, both leading architects and designers.
  • Psamathe also appears in book 43 of Nonnus's "Dionysiaca" (c. fifth century AD), during the fight between Poseidon and Dionysus, where, from the beach, she pleads to Zeus to end the battle.

  • He then moved to the Burgundian capital of Dijon, where from 1385 to 1389 he was the assistant of Jean de Marville, court sculptor to Philip the Bold, Duke of Burgundy.
  • Upon finishing his studies, Jagić returned to Zagreb, where from 1860 to 1870 he held the position of professor at a Croatian high school.
  • Hong Kong, where from 1990 to 1993 she worked in Sales and Marketing and from 1993 as a deputy chief executive of that department.
  • Not only is salinity a driver of ocean circulation, but changes in ocean circulation also affect salinity, particularly in the subpolar North Atlantic where from 1990 to 2010 increased contributions of Greenland meltwater were counteracted by increased northward transport of salty Atlantic waters.
  • He worked first on the Island of Salsette off Goa, where from time to time he acted as Portuguese interpreter.

  • Abel Smith served in the Second World War, where from 1941 to 1945 he commanded the 2nd Household Cavalry Regiment, leading it throughout the entire North West Europe Campaign from June 1944 shortly after D-Day to Victory in Europe Day in May 1945.
  • In 1955 he emigrated to the United States, eventually settling in California where from 1958 he and his wife Naomi operated a chain of health food stores.
  • Born in Bristol, he was initially apprenticed to a local millwright and – guided by noted engineers Thomas Telford and John Rennie – he progressed to practice as a consulting civil engineer, moving to London where, from 1811, he was also engineer to the West Middlesex Waterworks Company (the engine house and other buildings involved in a scheme to pump water from reservoirs at Barnes to Hammersmith and other parts of London were designed by him).
  • This is reflected in the infrequent and inadequate production of bronze coinage during the Republic, where from the time of Sulla till the time of Augustus no bronze coins were minted at all; even during the periods when bronze coins were produced, their workmanship was sometimes very crude and of low quality.
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