Translation for 'whistling' from English to Portuguese
VERB   to whistle | whistled | whistled
whistling | whistles
SYNO whistle | whistling
marreca-cabocla {f} [Dendrocygna autumnalis]
black-bellied whistling duck
marreca-caneleira {f} [Dendrocygna bicolor]
fulvous whistling duck
irerê {m} [Dendrocygna viduata]
white-faced whistling duck
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Usage Examples English
  • The Reader's Digest set of six records called Gaslight Musc Hall (1969) featured Marcellino whistling in the tune Whistling Rufus, performed by the Gaslight Novelty Orchestra and conducted by Heinie Beau.
  • The Antilles coqui ("Eleutherodactylus johnstonei"), commonly known as the Montserrat whistling frog, Barbados whistling frog, or the Lesser Antillean whistling frog, is a species of frog in the family Eleutherodactylidae found in Bermuda, the Caribbean and northern South America.
  • Most Mazatec communities employ forms of whistle speech in which linguistic utterances are produced by whistling the tonal contours of words and phrases.
  • This species inhabits semi-arid acacia woodland, primarily whistling thorn ("Vachellia drepanolobium") woodland.
  • Kongthong acquired its popular name the "Singing Village" from the "Jingrwai Iawbei" - whistling lullaby, where each native has a unique whistling lullaby name for him and her and they call each other by whistling this lullaby.

  • Kuş dili is not the only whistling language -- there are over 50 known whistled languages.
  • The West Indian whistling duck ("Dendrocygna arborea") is a whistling duck that breeds in the Caribbean. Alternative names are black-billed whistling duck and Cuban whistling duck.
  • Swetha Suresh (born 5 September 1991) first Indian woman to win two first prizes in the World Whistling Convention from India.
  • 8th century) "Xiaozhi" 嘯旨 "Principles of Whistling" mentions Sun Deng and Ruan Ji—honorifically called Sun Gong 孫公 "Master Sung" and Ruan Sizong 阮嗣宗 (his courtesy name)—as the last transcendental whistlers, and describes whistling tunes attributed to them, "Sumen Mountains" retells the story of Ruan's visit to Sun, and "Loose Rhymes of Ruan" is an easy-whistling melody.
  • Guitar hero for whistling. This app was built completely in HTML and JavaScript.

  • The Sri Lanka whistling thrush ("Myophonus blighi") is a whistling thrush in the family Muscicapidae. It is a resident endemic bird in Sri Lanka.
  • In Russian and other Slavic cultures, and also in Romania and Lithuania, whistling indoors is superstitiously believed to bring poverty ("whistling money away"), whereas whistling outdoors is considered normal.
  • MacGimsey was also famous for double whistling, or whistling duets.
  • Barimo won several of the national whistling competitions held by the International Whistlers Convention in Louisburg, North Carolina as a teen.
  • The whistle melody comes from an old sample from the Proteus line of synth products called "Whistling Joe" and the whistling of Snow's wife, Glynn.

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