Translation for 'can't' from English to Romanian
Nu pot vorbi acum.I can't talk now.
Nu-mi vine să cred!I can't believe it / that!
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Translation for 'can't' from English to Romanian

I can't talk now.
Nu pot vorbi acum.

I can't believe it / that!
Nu-mi vine să cred!
Usage Examples English
  • The Vatican learns that major historical events can't be prevented, only their details can be altered.
  • The narrator is a guy that can't let the memory of a woman escape him.
  • Sanskriti can't understand the concept of marriage at all.
  • There aren’t pest problems because in these cold conditions they can't develop.
  • Small clauses may not be negated by a negative modal or auxiliary verb, such as "don't, shan't", or "can't".

  • YouTuber Conor Maynard, who has received criticism for his use of Auto-Tune, defended the audio processor in an interview on the "Zach Sang Show" in 2019, stating: "It doesn't mean you can't sing ...
  • One of the means to combat "offensive" dances was the 1913 song, Anti-Ragtime Girl by composer-lyricist Elsie Janis: "…She don’t do the Bunny Hug, nor dance the Grizzly Bear / She hasn't learned the Turkey Trot / …She can't tell a Tango from a Can Can or a Jig / …She's my little Anti-Ragtime Girl…".
  • "You can never say that if it didn't happen then this wouldn't have happened, but I can't see what else than the BLRC would have brought it racing about," said Peter Bryan.
  • and "If you don't eat yer meat, you can't have any pudding!
  • He can't figure out how to beat the dude! Well, if ONE Rick can't solve your Jerry Problems maybe all of them can?

  • She wrote the "2019 Women for Media Report: 'You can't be what you can't see'" for Women's Leadership Institute Australia.
  • They can't get the star, they can't get the old star, they can't get the new girl who is coming up: Let's call Betsy.
  • When people tell you it can't be done, it can, and you can do it your way.
  • She tells Zelena that she can't take Robin's child away from him and that she can't keep painting herself a victim but promises to keep her baby safe, but can't say the same for Zelena.
  • Waltrip: He can't do it. I don't think He can do it unless Bobby messes up.

  • "Can't Maintain" (stylized as "can't maintain.") is the third studio album by Andrew Jackson Jihad.
  • The lyric "Now, I ain't stupid/but I can't understand" is evocative of the lyric "Well, I ain't dumb/but I can't understand" in the song "Lola" by The Kinks.
  • A severe shortage of ammunition resulted in the Chinese adopting a "Three Don't's Policy"(三不主義): Don't shoot at what you can't see (看不見不打); Don't shoot at what you can't aim at (瞄不准不打); and Don't shoot at what you can't kill (打不死不打).
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