Translation for 'the bulk' from English to Russian
бо́льшая часть {ж} [чего-л.](the) bulk
Partial Matches
большое количество {с}bulk
французы {мн} [собир.]the French
мальтийцы {мн}the Maltese {pl}
Гималаи {мн}
the Himalaya
в {prep} [+prep.]in the
Апокалипсис {м}
the Apocalypse
Балканы {мн}
(the) Balkans
наоборотto the contrary
окружающая среда {ж}the environment
The Smurfs
печать {ж} [пресса]
(the) press
докембрий {м}
the Precambrian
старики {мн} [собир.]the old
потусторонний мир {м}(the) beyond
Зальцкаммергут {м}
(the) Salzkammergut
Рождество {с} Христово [само рождение]
the Nativity
Папа {м} (Римский)
the Pope
Сахара {ж}
the Sahara
усопший {м} [книжн.]the deceased
тот же (самый) {pron}the same
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Usage Examples English
  • The initial transport of political detainees to Auschwitz consisted almost solely of Poles for whom the camp was initially established. The bulk of inmates were Polish for the first two years.
  • fragilis". The bulk of "Allosaurus" remains have come from North America's Morrison Formation, with material also known from Portugal.
  • ... unidirectional or plain weave) can determine the extent of the anisotropy of the bulk material.
  • The other noble gases (except helium) are produced this way as well, but argon is the most plentiful by far. The bulk of argon applications arise simply because it is inert and relatively cheap.
  • At that temperature, the vapor pressure of the liquid becomes sufficient to overcome atmospheric pressure and allow bubbles of vapor to form inside the bulk of the liquid.

  • The bulk of Government revenues (60%) comes from taxes on goods and services.
  • He sent the bulk of his army to the Persian ceremonial capital of Persepolis via the Persian Royal Road.
  • He returns to Ansbach to settle but changes his name as he has been posted as a deserter. The bulk of the novel concerns efforts by an American law firm to trace his descendants to claim an inheritance.
  • In the 21st century a number of prominent Azerbaijani geodynamics and geotectonics scientists, inspired by the fundamental works of Elchin Khalilov and others, designed hundreds of earthquake prediction stations and earthquake-resistant buildings that now constitute the bulk of The Republican Center of Seismic Service.
  • Many others were also former troops of Nader Shah. The bulk of the army were Afghan irregular tribal cavalry armed with lance and broadsword.

  • These are common properties of Solnhofen fossils, because the dead animals would fall onto hardened surfaces, which would form a natural plane for the future slabs to split along and would leave the bulk of the fossil on one side and little on the other.
  • While the bulk of Lifeson's work in music has been with Rush, his first major outside work was his solo project, "Victor", released in 1996.
  • The bulk of the people are Uzbek and Turkmen with large concentrations of Hazara, Tajik and Pashtun.
  • "Cohesive fracture" is obtained if a crack propagates in the bulk polymer which constitutes the adhesive.
  • Droughts negatively impact the availability of termites and ants, which comprise the bulk of an aardvark's diet. Nocturnal species faced with resource scarcity may increase their diurnal activity to spare the energy costs of staying warm at night, but this comes at the cost of withstanding high temperatures during the day.

  • WSC affected all Test-playing nations but it weakened Australia especially as the bulk of its players had signed up with Packer; the Australian Cricket Board (ACB) would not select WSC-contracted players and an almost completely new Test team had to be formed.
  • GDNP fields 26,578 police officers in its local and national sections. The bulk of criminal cases are transport-related, followed by theft and drug-related crime; homicide rates are low.
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