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NOUN   the press [newspapers] | -
печать {ж} [пресса]
(the) press
3 Words
бульварная пресса {ж} [презр.]
the gutter press [esp. Br.] [pej.]
Partial Matches
давить [несов.] [мять]to press
чеснокодавилка {ж} [разг.]
garlic press
настаивать [несов.]to press on
жёлтая пресса {ж}
yellow press
пожать кому-л. рукуto press sb.'s hand
прошлое {с}the past
Апокалипсис {м}
the Apocalypse
окружающая среда {ж}the environment
Зальцкаммергут {м}
(the) Salzkammergut
The Smurfs
усопший {м} [книжн.]the deceased
Гималаи {мн}
the Himalaya
наоборотto the contrary
Рождество {с} Христово [само рождение]
the Nativity
Господь {м}
(the) Lord
потусторонний мир {м}(the) beyond
бо́льшая часть {ж} [чего-л.](the) bulk
докембрий {м}
the Precambrian
Балканы {мн}
(the) Balkans
старики {мн} [собир.]the old
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Usage Examples English
  • In early 1985, the 520ST shipped to the press, developers, and user groups, and in early July 1985 for general retail sales.
  • During the press conference, the astronauts answered questions pertaining to several technical and non-technical aspects of the mission prepared and listed by priority at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston by journalists covering the flight.
  • 5 million donation pledge from Heard, and timed its release to capitalize on the press from Heard's newly released film "Aquaman".
  • The press was started by Manutius due to a combination of his love of classics and the need for preservation of Hellenic studies.
  • In 1951, Eric Morley organized the "Festival Bikini Contest", a beauty contest and swimwear advertising opportunity at that year's Festival of Britain. The press, welcoming the spectacle, referred to it as "Miss World", a name Morley registered as a trademark.

  • His screen persona has been described by the press as that of a "tattooed, hirsute man's man".
  • While at Edinburgh, the production received rave reviews from the press while playing to sold-out audiences.
  • On July 13, 2019, outfielder Tony Thomas of the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs became the first player to reach first base under this rule. The press described this as "stealing first base", though it is scored as described above.
  • The pages of type were arranged and clamped in a frame, so that when printed on a sheet of paper the full size of the press, the pages would be right side up and in order when the sheet was folded, and the folded edges trimmed.
  • In the 2011 Freedom House "Freedom of the Press report", Belarus scored 92 on a scale from 10 (most free) to 99 (least free), because the government allegedly systematically curtails press freedom.

  • Since then, freedom of the press has deteriorated to the point where Bulgaria scores 111th globally in the World Press Freedom Index, lower than all European Union members and membership candidate states.
  • and it was used in the press as early as January 2, 1915, while it was still referred to as "The Clansman" in October.
  • According to the 2013 Freedom House Freedom of the Press report, Azerbaijan's press freedom status is "not free", and Azerbaijan ranks 177th out of 196 countries.
  • Since 1967, after the Six Day War and the beginning of the Arab-Israeli conflict, he actively supported Israel, as he reported more than once in the press, and also maintained friendly relations with refuseniks who later made aliyah.
  • In late 2011 the ANC was heavily criticised over the passage of the Protection of State Information Bill, which opponents claimed would improperly restrict the freedom of the press.

  • Although Hopwood announced to the press in 1924 that he was engaged to vaudeville dancer and choreographer Rosa Rolanda, Van Vechten confirmed in later years that it was a publicity stunt.
  • There had been little organized opposition to Thomas' nomination, and his confirmation seemed assured until a report of a private interview of Hill by the FBI was leaked to the press.
  • This was Widdecombe's first appearance as a pantomime 'baddie'; a role she told the press she had always hoped for.
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