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редактировать [выразить/выражать словесно] [сов.] [несов.]to word
слово {с}word
2 Words
Сто пудово, так точно! [разг.]Word up! [sl.]
корень {м} слова
(word) root
заимствование {с} [заимствованное слово]
loan word
словосочетание {с}
word combination
словообразование {с}
word formation
обработка {ж} текста
word processing
3 Words
словом {adv}in a word
дословный {adj}word-for-word
4 Words
устно {adv}by word of mouth
переброситься парой слов с кем-л. [разг.]to have a word with sb.
посмотреть слово (в словаре) [сов.]to look up a word
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Usage Examples English
  • The exact origin of the word is not known. One theory considers that the word comes from the proto-Romani word for "peasant" and has the same root as the Romani word "gav" (a village).
  • This is based on word association, an investigative technique in psychology which can be used as a game.
  • The players, dressed as the 'seven samurai', play the shiritori word game with three-syllable words.
  • The word "peteca" is derived from a Tupian word meaning "hit". Over time, the word found its way into the Portuguese language.
  • If the phone does not recognize a word it then stores the word as an optional choice. When the memory space is filled the phone deletes the oldest word to make space for the new word.

  • The word "Rudsar" comes from the word "Rud", the Persian word for river, and "sar", the Persian word for head, since Rudsar has rivers running along each side of the city.
  • The word "carbon" comes from the Latin word "carbo", meaning "charcoal".The word "silicon" comes from the Latin word "silex" or "silicis", which means "flint".
  • Quechan features word-medial and word-final consonant clusters. Word-medial clusters may be biconsonantal or triconsonantal, while word-final clusters only appear with two consonants.
  • The word processor on Mini Office II allows the user, after having loaded the word processor and created a word file and saved it, to load the word file directly from the tape without re-loading the word processor.
  • The word "pitcher" comes from the 13th-century Middle English word "picher", which means earthen jug.

  • Up to and including the 64th Grammy Awards, all spoken word recordings fell under one category, the "Best Spoken Word Album."
  • Three candidates have 15 minutes to mow a word in a field of grass using tractors.
  • Early word processors were stand-alone devices dedicated to the function, but current word processors are word processor programs running on general purpose computers.
  • The English word government is related to the word.
  • Accuracy can be computed with the help of word error rate (WER).

  • The word "blin" is also often used as a soft curse word, expressing frustration. This practice originates from the word's phonetic similarity to the much more vulgar word "Blyádt".
  • The word "Ellogos" combined the Hebrew word "El" meaning 'God', and the Greek word "logos" meaning 'word': thus, 'Word of God'.
  • A single-word modifier is one word that modifies the meaning of another word, phrase or clause.
  • 2. *ʔ was lost word-initially and word-medially, only being retained in word-final position.
  • The word [...] comes from the Portuguese word for theatre, [...]. Earlier variations of the word were [...] and [...].

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