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NOUN   a nocturnal activity | nocturnal activities
ночная активность {ж}
nocturnal activity
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Translation for 'nocturnal activity' from English to Russian

nocturnal activity
ночная активность {ж}зоол.орн.
Usage Examples English
  • Increasing temperatures due to climate change have increased the nocturnal activity of rat snakes, especially in warmer climates such as Texas.
  • The species is at least somewhat nocturnal, with peak activity being reported by one source as occurring around "two hours after dark" and again at dawn (although the dawn peak was recorded in the lab and could be misleading as a result). Nocturnal activity has been found to be most prevalent in early summer, perhaps coinciding with highest water depths.
  • Fritzsche indicated although some species have been observed to show more nocturnal activity than others, they are all primarily crepuscular.
  • People who prefer nocturnal activity are called night owls.
  • This fish is solitary, except during mating periods, it has a nocturnal activity with a maximal activity at sunset and sunrise. During the day it normally hides in caves or under ledges.
  • "Gymnomuraena zebra" has a nocturnal activity and actively hunt its prey. Unlike most other moray eels, it feeds exclusively on crustaceans, sea urchins and mollusks.
  • In Tunisia's Jebil National Park, recent research has shown a prodominently nocturnal activity pattern with very rare crepuscular observations preceding sunrise.
  • The glider's diet consists of arthropods, nectars and insect exudates with foraging accounting for a high proportion of their nocturnal activity.
  • They usually feed regularly during the day, but sometimes have nocturnal activity.
  • Bats have evolved very sensitive hearing to cope with their nocturnal activity.
  • Nocturnal luminosity has been found to positively correlate with the amount of nocturnal activity and negatively correlate with diurnal activity.
  • The yellow mongoose is primarily diurnal, though nocturnal activity has been observed.
  • They will engage in nocturnal activity on a weather-dependent basis.
  • Their nocturnal activity helps them to take advantage of concentrations of crustacean prey.
  • Rabbits may appear to be crepuscular, but their natural inclination is toward nocturnal activity.
  • All species in this genus have more or less nocturnal activity patterns in contrast to the solely diurnal nature of "Naultinus" species and unlike species in the latter genus, are not purely arboreal and will forage on the ground.
  • Diurnal and nocturnal activity are often related to seasonal changes in temperature; most western toads are diurnal during the spring and fall but are nocturnal during the warmer summer months.
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