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показывать на [несов.]to point at
указывать на что-л. [несов.]to point at sth.
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Usage Examples English
  • Bian Que believed there was a single acupuncture point at the top of one's skull that he called the point "of the hundred meetings."
  • A point at which the flux is outgoing has positive divergence, and is often called a "source" of the field.
  • at its narrowest point at Nara Burnu, abreast Çanakkale.
  • It has been found that when children acquire the pronoun "you", the iconicity of the point (at the child) is often confused, being treated more like a name.
  • It is possible to turn the real line into a compact space by adding a single "point at infinity" which we will denote by ∞.
  • The device was able to determine, from variables put in by the bombardier, the point at which the aircraft's bombs should be released to hit the target.
  • The technique accesses the tree 'upwards' for both searches and updates by means of additional in-memory indexes that point at the blocks in each level in the block cache.
  • 81 atm), it does not have a melting point at standard pressure but instead sublimes from solid to vapor at 887 K (615 °C or 1137 °F).
  • The Celsius temperature scale was defined until 1954 by two points: 0 °C being defined by the water freezing point and 100 °C being defined by the water boiling point at standard atmospheric pressure.
  • A key component of the sleep system is the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), a tiny part of the hypothalamus located directly above the point at which the optic nerves from the two eyes cross.
  • In projective geometry and related contexts, an asymptote of a curve is a line which is tangent to the curve at a point at infinity.
  • William Sims Bainbridge disagreed with de Chardin's optimism about a future Omega Point at the end of history, arguing that logically we are trapped at the Omicron Point, in the middle of the Greek alphabet rather than advancing to the end, because the universe does not need to have any characteristics that would support our further technical progress, if the Anthropic principle merely requires it to be suitable for our evolution to this point.
  • There are concerns regarding interactions between delayed-release tablets and antacids, as antacids may increase the stomach pH to a point at which the coating of the delayed-release tablet will dissolve, leading to degradation of the drug if it is pH sensitive.
  • However, this parameterisation works only if "t" is made to range not only through all reals but also to a point at infinity; otherwise, the leftmost point of the circle would be omitted.
  • The airport itself is split into two architecturally independent sectors, one half serving the French side and the other half serving the Swiss side; prior to Schengen there was an immigration inspection point at the middle of the airport so that people could "emigrate" to the other side of the airport.
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