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NOUN   a point of view | points of view
SYNO point of view | stand | standpoint | ...
точка {ж} зренияpoint of view
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Translation for 'point of view' from English to Russian

point of view
точка {ж} зрения
Usage Examples English
  • In "Arrivals and Departures" (2013), the first half of the play is told from the point of view of one character, only for the second half to dramatise the same events from the point of view of another.
  • This point of view has been subject to severe criticism in the research of the 20th century.
  • Le Guin's "Lavinia", a re-telling of the last six books of the "Aeneid" told from the point of view of Lavinia, daughter of King Latinus of Latium.
  • Anisotropic filtering (AF) is a method of enhancing the image quality of textures on surfaces that are far away and steeply angled with respect to the point of view.
  • Virtual reality (VR) presentations are becoming more common for visualizing structural designs and interior spaces from the point-of-view perspective.
  • By ascribing the "Infinite" with a "material cause", Theophrastos is following the Aristotelian tradition of "nearly always discussing the facts from the point of view of his own system".
  • From an analytic geometry point of view, the absolute value of a real number is that number's distance from zero along the real number line, and more generally the absolute value of the difference of two real numbers (their absolute difference) is the distance between them.
  • Published in 1947, it tells the story from the point of view of a narrator of a plague sweeping the French Algerian city of Oran.
  • The Second Battle of Copenhagen (or the Bombardment of Copenhagen) (16 August – 5 September 1807) was from a British point of view a preemptive attack on Copenhagen, targeting the civilian population to yet again seize the Dano-Norwegian fleet.
  • According to the article "Theory of the real economy", there is a more narrow point of view from the Christianity faith towards the relationship between ethics and religious traditions.
  • From a security-theoretic point of view, modes of operation must provide what is known as semantic security.
  • Candrakīrti held that a true Madhyamika could only use "consequence" ("prasanga"), in which one points out the inconsistencies of their opponent's position without asserting an "autonomous inference" ("svatantra"), for no such inference can be ultimately true from the point of view of Madhyamaka.
  • He states that open source and free software are only two ways of talking about the same phenomenon, a point of view not shared by Stallman and his free software movement.
  • As part of the only passage between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, the Bosporus has always been of great importance from a commercial and military point of view, and it remains strategically important today.
  • The gel's porosity is directly related to the concentration of agarose in the medium, so various levels of effective viscosity (from the cell's "point of view") can be selected, depending on the experimental objectives.
  • This point of view is useful in abstract algebraic dimension theory due to Gabriel and Rentschler.
  • Two papers he published in 1902–1903 (thermodynamics) attempted to interpret atomic phenomena from a statistical point of view.
  • The "Rights of Woman" is a long (almost 87,000 words) essay that introduces all of its major topics in the opening chapters and then repeatedly returns to them, each time from a different point of view.
  • From a more limited, ethnological point of view, "Afḡhān" is the term by which the Persian-speakers of Afghanistan (and the non-Pashtō-speaking ethnic groups generally) designate the Pashtūn.
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