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NOUN1   a poison | poisons
NOUN2   poison | -
VERB   to poison | poisoned | poisoned
poisoning | poisons
SYNO poison | poisonous substance | to envenom | ...
яд {м}poison
отрава {ж}poison
нервный яд {м}
nerve poison
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Translation for 'poison' from English to Russian

яд {м}

отрава {ж}

nerve poison
нервный яд {м}мед.хим.
Usage Examples English
  • "Gastrolobium grandiflorum", commonly known as wallflower poison, wallflower poison bush or heart-leaf poison bush, is a bushy shrub which is endemic to Australia.
  • The plants can cause contact dermatitis, in the same fashion as poison ivy and poison oak.
  • The golden poison frog ("Phyllobates terribilis"), also known as the golden dart frog or golden poison arrow frog, is a poison dart frog endemic to the rainforests of Colombia.
  • "Rhabdophis" ingest poisonous toads and the poison is absorbed into their blood stream, but the snake is immune to it.
  • The packaging for the CD single follows a theme similar to the song: rat poison.
  • An alternate endgame is "poison": in this variant, a player who has scored the last wicket but not hit the starting stake becomes a "poison ball", which may eliminate other balls from the game by roqueting them.
  • In terms of its potential to cause urushiol-induced contact dermatitis, poison sumac is more toxic than its relatives poison ivy and poison oak.
  • These warts give off an odorous poison when the toad is handled or attacked.
  • Poison (voiced by Vivica A. Fox) is a serial killer who specializes in poisoning anyone.
  • The government gave the company contracts to produce poison gas and antidotes for poison gas.
  • "Conium maculatum" (poison hemlock) is infamous in its use as a poison.
  • An example of poison ingestion derives from the poison dart frog.
  • "The dose makes the poison" ([...] 'only the dose makes the poison') is an adage intended to indicate a basic principle of toxicology.
  • Calotropis is a poisonous plant. The active principles are uscharin, calotoxin, calactin, and calotropin.
  • 99. Knowledge without application is poison; Food undigested is poison; Assembly is poison for the poor; Young woman is poison for an old man.
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