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NOUN   a poisonous snake | poisonous snakes
ядовитая змея {ж}
poisonous snake
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Translation for 'poisonous snake' from English to Russian

poisonous snake
ядовитая змея {ж}зоол.T
Usage Examples English
  • The term "Nottoway" may derive from "Nadawa" or "Nadowessioux" (widely translated as "poisonous snake"), an Algonquian-language term.
  • In Greece, where Hanna now lives, a poisonous snake bites Sabeth.
  • Hina attempts to throw a poisonous snake at Akechi but Black Lizard stops her by impaling her with a sword before running to her room.
  • The upper Paranã valley though, with its lower elevation and higher temperatures is quite unhealthy and its inhabitants run the risk of a wide gamut of tropical diseases as well as the added attraction of poisonous snake bites.
  • The Achankovil Sastha Temple is famous for curing poisonous snake bites.
  • As he was healed of a poisonous snake bite by Ra he became a symbol of hope in the gods looking after suffering humanity.
  • In Egypt, the story goes that a cook nearly killed a Wali for having smashed a pot of herbs, but later discovers that the pot contained a poisonous snake.
  • This is particularly significant for the old kite and poisonous snake, which promote to the two most powerful pieces in the game.
  • So she filled a pit next to Mark Anthony’s shrine with poisonous snake and laid herself into a final rest next to him.
  • But in pursuing them, Ding Desun is bitten by a poisonous snake in a bush and dies.
  • The pilot is bitten by a poisonous snake and is left behind.
  • The boat capsizes early on and Pilar is bitten by a poisonous snake.
  • While Kampala is being led to his execution, Arthapala drops a poisonous snake on his body and makes him fall down senseless.
  • While this Prithvi mentions to Meera that, the mother of such a girl has to be a poisonous snake.
  • "They are afraid to go near it for they believe that any one who approaches it will, within the month, be killed by the bite of a poisonous snake."
  • Von Wedel met in private with the Marienfließ Hauptmann (captain), Johannes von Hechthausen, to consider "getting rid of this poisonous snake."
  • 9. "Age Dee-fying": Dee mutates into a half-woman/half snake when being treated with poisonous snake venom. Simon undertakes a mission to determine Dee's age using Antique Annie.
  • On 5 February 2020 the satellite was officially named Xiangliu, after the nine-headed poisonous snake monster that accompanied Gonggong in Chinese mythology.
  • This is particularly significant for the hook mover and capricorn, which are two of the most powerful pieces in the game, but "promote" to the weak gold general; and the old kite and poisonous snake, which promote respectively to the hook mover and long-nosed goblin.
  • In 1959 he married his first wife Ruth Nakanwagi, returning to work 17 days later; that same day she was killed by a poisonous snake in her garden.
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