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NOUN   a Brillouin zone | Brillouin zones
зона {ж} Бриллюэна
Brillouin zone
зона {ж} [район]zone
пояс {м} [зона]
зона {ж} деформации
crumple zone
абиссаль {ж}
abyssal zone
зона {ж} комфорта
comfort zone
часовой пояс {м}time zone
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Usage Examples English
  • The Wigner–Seitz cell of the reciprocal lattice in momentum space is called the Brillouin zone.
  • Energy splitting occurs at the Brillouin zone edge for one-dimensional situations because of a weak periodic potential, which produces a gap between bands.
  • Optical phonons have a non-zero frequency at the Brillouin zone center and show no dispersion near that long wavelength limit.
  • The electronic structure of a crystal is in general described by a band structure, which defines the energies of electron orbitals for each point in the Brillouin zone.
  • The Bloch–Grüneisen formula is an approximation obtained assuming that the studied metal has spherical Fermi surface inscribed within the first Brillouin zone and a Debye phonon spectrum.

  • This makes it convenient to solve the momentum-space Schrödinger equation at each point in the Brillouin zone independently of the other points in the Brillouin zone.
  • Therefore, these processes are also known as Umklapp (U) processes and can only occur when phonons with sufficiently large "q"-vectors are excited, because unless the sum of q2 and q3 points outside of the Brillouin zone the momentum is conserved and the process is normal scattering (N-process).
  • The wavevector takes on any value inside the Brillouin zone, which is a polyhedron in wavevector (reciprocal lattice) space that is related to the crystal's lattice.
  • The Brillouin zone is a Wigner-Seitz cell of the reciprocal lattice.
  • It is the Brillouin zone of body centered cubic (bcc) crystals.

  • In mathematics and solid state physics, the first Brillouin zone is a uniquely defined primitive cell in reciprocal space.
  • 8, is solved using 101 planewaves over the first irreducible Brillouin zone.
  • represents the product of the Brillouin zone-averaged transition probability at the energy [...] with the joint density of states, [...]; [...] is a broadening function, representing the role of scattering in smearing out the energy levels.
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