Translation for 'French colonialism' from English to Russian
французский колониализм {м}
French colonialism
Partial Matches
европейский колониализм {м}European colonialism
испанский колониализм {м}
Spanish colonialism
британский колониализм {м}
British colonialism
французский язык {м}
валторна {ж}
French horn
багет {м}
French bread
антифранцузский {adj}
французский {adj}French <Fr.>
Французская Гвиана {ж}
French Guiana
французы {мн} [собир.]French people
французы {мн} [собир.]the French
картофель {m} фри
French fries [Am.]
стручковая фасоль {ж}
French bean [Br.]
Извините за выражение.Pardon my French. [coll.]
Он обучает меня французскому (языку).He teaches me French.
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Usage Examples English
  • After the relative independence of Faisal I's rule, French colonialism was unwelcome.
  • In the early era of French colonialism in Mali, the French authorities appointed Muslim relatives of El Hadj Umar Tall as chiefs of the Bandiagara—despite the fact that the area has been a Dogon area for centuries.
  • Owing in part to Spanish and French colonialism and missionary work, Christians have historically affiliated with the Latin Church's Roman Catholic Diocese of Lafayette in Louisiana.
  • It won the 1954 Prix Jean Vigo, but was banned by French censors for its criticism of French colonialism.
  • Mus was a supporter of French colonialism in Vietnam and Hồ Chí Minh believed there was no danger of Chinese troops staying in Vietnam.

  • Breton returned to Paris in 1946, where he opposed French colonialism (for example as a signatory of the "Manifesto of the 121" against the Algerian War) and continued, until his death, to foster a second group of surrealists in the form of expositions or reviews ("La Brèche", 1961–65).
  • The increase in surveillance and repression was accompanied with a propaganda campaign aimed to convince the indigenous populations of the "enlightenment" of French colonialism.
  • Just as modern Khmer was emerging from the transitional period represented by Middle Khmer, Cambodia fell under the influence of French colonialism.
  • Due to French colonialism the children of Dakar have a unique school system.
  • Unintentionally, her work in Algeria served as further justification for French colonialism as it highlighted the perceived degraded condition of Arab women under Algerian rule.

  • She was able to get out of the linguistic exile in which French colonialism had relegated the Algerian intellectuals».
  • The Vietnamese struggle against French colonialism was almost a century old at the end of World War II.
  • On 14 October 1963, the Sand War was declared as a result of failed negotiations over borders inherited from French colonialism between Hassan II and Algeria's newly elected president Ahmed Ben Bella.
  • It was a battle of resistance by the "Siin-Siin" (Serer people of Sine) against French colonialism.
  • Nigerien culture is marked by variation, evidence of the cultural crossroads which French colonialism formed into a unified state from the beginning of the 20th century.

  • In the early years of the Fourth Republic, the party returned to the moderate left under the leadership of Pierre Mendès-France, a strong opponent of French colonialism, whose premiership from 1954 to 1955 saw France's withdrawal from Indochina and the agreement for French withdrawal from Tunisia.
  • In 1919, when representatives of the right-wing Action Française published a manifesto upholding French colonialism and the Catholic Church as the embodiment of civilised values, Proust rejected their nationalism and chauvinism in favor of a liberal pluralist vision which acknowledged Christianity's cultural legacy in France.
  • Sheikh Ahmad Sahnoun led the organization in Algeria between 1953 and 1954 during the French colonialism.
  • Narrated in the first person by journalist Thomas Fowler, the novel depicts the breakdown of French colonialism in Vietnam and early American involvement in the Vietnam War.
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