Translation for 'He was aware that' from English to Russian
Ему было известно, что ...He was aware that ...
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Мне казалось, что ...I was under the impression that ...
ха-ха-ха! [разг.]He-he-he! [coll.]
знающий {adj}aware
осознающий {adj}aware
сознательный {adj} [осмысленный]aware [conscious]
знать о [+prep.] [сознавать] [несов.]to be aware of
он {pron}he
гелий {м} <He>
helium <He>
У него все хорошо.He is doing well.
Как у него дела?How's he doing?
Он обучает меня французскому (языку).He teaches me French.
Он-таки пришёл. [разг.]He has come after all.
Сейчас он должен быть там.He should be there now.
Он резко откинул голову назад.He tossed his head back.
Ему придётся подождать.He will have to wait.
Он, наверно, это сделал.He must have done it.
У него вышли все деньги.He has spent all his money.
Воистину воскресе!
Truly, He is risen! [response to Easter greeting]
Он служил в вооружённых силах.He has served with the armed forces.
Что посеешь, то и пожнешь.
As a man sows, so shall he reap.
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Usage Examples English
  • In an interview for the DVD release, he says he was aware that their most successful show received the least amount of laughter from the studio audience.
  • Cody suggested in letters and his autobiography that Frederici had pestered him into marriage, but he was aware that it was "very smart to be engaged."
  • This time, Ben-Gurion refused although he was aware that the IDF was militarily strong enough to carry out the conquest.
  • Well-connected (his father had been a member of the Legislative Council and an extensive landowner), he was aware that a new district was to be established and purchased a substantial amount of land in the area from James Durand.
  • The West Cheshire Coroner concluded that there was no reason to hold an inquest and that while he was aware that Mills had been injured in the incident, there was no connection as far as he was concerned.

  • Muir became in time the principal intermediary between the French Directory and the various republican refugees in Paris. He was aware that his movements were under scrutiny by British Prime Minister William Pitt's agents.
  • Garwood did not know that the intended buyers were Mexican cartels although he was aware that they were to be used for illegal activity.
  • After claiming the Cerebro Sword, he stabbed Quentin Quire and took the young Mutant to XENO's secret headquarters. He was aware that Quire would not die as his consciousness would be uploaded into a new body via the Resurrection Protocols.
  • Krishnan was responsible for the declaration of Vedanthangal as a bird sanctuary. He was aware that he was different from most conservationists of his time – who were either European or were from the Indian aristocracy of Muslims and Rajputs often former hunters – in being a vegetarian.
  • In 1884 Liebermann decided to return to his hometown Berlin, although he was aware that this would lead to inevitable conflicts.

  • Joyce Meyer writes that Satan worked through Delilah, as he was aware that Samson had "a weakness for women".
  • Since Muir was by this time the principal intermediary between the Directory and the various republican refugees in Paris he was aware that his movements were under scrutiny by Pitt's agents.
  • He showed that the compound could destroy cancer cells such as Yoshida sarcoma, Ehrlich carcinoma and Crocker sarcoma of mice and the Walker carcinoma of rats. He was aware that precision drugs would be required to target specific cancers, as he remarked:Although the drug did not find way into prescription treatment of cancer, it was continued to be investigated and several related compounds are still under experimental studies.
  • Later, the foremost prizefighting reporter, Pierce Egan, stated that he was aware that some "friends of the CHAMPION" had encouraged the myth that Cribb enjoyed an unbeaten career by "withholding the name of his vanquisher" ("Boxiana", vol. ...
  • He viewed agricultural village life as communal, where surpluses from one year were invested to develop further land or saved for worse years, and shared by members of the community. He was aware that developed land had a lower tax base than established agricultural land, and he was adept at financial management which he applied to his estate.

  • Shortly afterwards Corman recruited Paul Bartel to direct his "Death Race 2000"; Bartel had not seen "The Cars That Ate Paris" but he was aware that Corman had a print of the film.
  • Pierre Fleury was already a French representative to IUPAP (the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics), with headquarters in Paris, and he was aware that the statutes of IUPAP provided for the creation of commissions in specific areas of physics; why not a commission for optics?
  • In 1957 the Transport Minister was asked in the Commons if he was aware that playground streets regulations were being ignored and were frequently used by through traffic; the Minister responded saying that the size of Playground Streets signs had recently been increased in size to make them more prominent.
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