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 Translation for 'Hg' from English to Russian
SYNO atomic number 80 | hectogram | hg | ...
гектограмм {м} <гг>
hectogram <hg>
ртуть {ж} <Hg>
mercury <Hg>
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Translation for 'Hg' from English to Russian

hectogram <hg>
гектограмм {м} <гг>един.
mercury <Hg>
ртуть {ж} <Hg>хим.
  • ртуть {ж} <Hg> = mercury <Hg>
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Usage Examples English
  • Around 3700/3600 BC there was a complete turnover to now y-hg R1a1a1, from 900/800 onward mainly in Estonia with increasing impact of y-hg N1a1 (Mittnik 2018, Saag 2019, and others).
  • An interesting analysis of the Chiwere language has shown that the spirant + stop consonant cluster "hg" is the more commonly used pronunciation of the spirant + stop cluster "θg" and that the "hg" cluster may be replacing the "θg" altogether.
  • The special property of the unit interval needed for this construction to work is that it is a "cogenerator" of the category of compact Hausdorff spaces: this means that if "A" and "B" are compact Hausdorff spaces, and "f" and "g" are distinct maps from "A" to "B", then there is a map "h" : "B" → 1 such that "hf" and "hg" are distinct.
  • The more radical "Hochgeschwindigkeit II" (Me 262 HG II) proposal was to feature a new 35° swept wing with engines moved closer to the fuselage and a V-tail, though this was changed back to a conventional tail after wind tunnel tests showed that the V-tail was unstable.
  • Qxg5 hg 26. Rxd7 Kxh7 27. Rxb7 Bb6 28. c4 dc 29. Nc3 Rd8 30.

  • The carps in the lake weights up to 15 hg. Other fish in the lake include pike, zander and perch.
  • Some publications use hg/cm² instead of m.w.e., although the two units are equivalent.
  • Hans Günter Merz, better known as HG Merz (born 1947 in Tailfingen) is a German architect and museum designer.
  • In: Christian Weikop (Hg.), New perspectives on Brücke expressionism: bridging history, Farnham (Ashgate) 2011.
  • Bass River Point had a Post Office from 1915 to 1956. Today the area is hg.

  • Mark H. Gelber 2011, "Wieso gibt es eigentlich keine Germanistik in Israel?" in Christian Kohlross und Hanni Mittelman (hg.), "Auf den Spuren der Schrift" (Tübingen: Niemeyer, 2011), 19-30.
  • H4 and H13, along with H2 account for 42% of the hg H lineages in Egypt.
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