Translation for 'How's he doing' from English to Russian
Как у него дела?How's he doing?
Partial Matches
У него все хорошо.He is doing well.
Как дела?How's it going?
Не стоит (делать что-л.).It's not worth (doing sth.).
ха-ха-ха! [разг.]He-he-he! [coll.]
он {pron}he
гелий {м} <He>
helium <He>
как {adv}how
ноу-хау {с} [нескл.]
сколько [+gen.]how much
Как получилось, что ... ?How come ... ?
Он обучает меня французскому (языку).He teaches me French.
Ему было известно, что ...He was aware that ...
Как обстоит с этим дело?How about that?
Как поживаешь?How are you?
Ему придётся подождать.He will have to wait.
Он, наверно, это сделал.He must have done it.
Он-таки пришёл. [разг.]He has come after all.
Он резко откинул голову назад.He tossed his head back.
Сейчас он должен быть там.He should be there now.
Сколько тебе лет?How old are you?
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Usage Examples English
  • Jacob wanted to know how things were doing, so he asked Joseph to go down there and return with a report.
  • He knew that women were being used successfully in the ATA in England so Arnold suggested that Cochran take a group of qualified female pilots to see how the British were doing.
  • He spent the rest of that year doing exhibitions, and on 2 June, he had scheduled a two-way exhibition where he would demonstrate in public how to hit the boxing bag and then how to box against a real opponent.
  • He did "San Francisco Docks" (1940) at Universal and "The Sea Wolf" (1941) at Warners, before doing another with Ford, "How Green Was My Valley" (1941), at Fox.
  • He had only received rudimentary instructions on how to wrestle from his friend George Kidd and he was only doing it because he needed the money.

  • He has been doing research into clerics who are secretly atheists and how they rationalize their works.
  • “At the cleaners” is a tale of the dispute between an insolent scrubber and his client, a “sophomoric fop” who lectures the cleaner in ridiculous detail on how to launder his clothes, driving the exasperated cleaner to suggest that he lose no time in taking it to the river and doing it himself.
  • Butler was said to be very secretive, with Jack Slipper claiming in his book "Slipper of the Yard" (1981) that "he wouldn't even tell his own left hand what the right one was doing".
  • Just about every modern day flat ground trick that we are doing today he invented.
  • In so doing, he essentially invented the field of information theory.

  • He paid ten francs for a series of lessons from a man named Maous from Blois who was a podiatrist but also entertained at fairs and parties doing magic.
  • In the 1993 crime drama "A Bronx Tale", local mob boss Sonny tells his young protégé Calogero that while he was doing a 10-year sentence in jail, he passed the time and stayed out of trouble by reading Machiavelli, whom he describes as "a famous writer from 500 years ago".
  • Stapp replied that it was because they always took "Murphy's law" under consideration; he then summarized the law and said that in general, it meant that it was important to consider all the possibilities (possible things that could go wrong) before doing a test and act to counter them.
  • The children are seen doing an activity, occasionally relating to the episode's topic.
  • They need to clear a way to the cemetery and succeed in doing so.

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