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 Translation for 'Ir' from English to Russian
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Иран {м}
Iran <.ir>
иридий {м} <Ir>
iridium <Ir>
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Translation for 'Ir' from English to Russian

Iran <.ir>
Иран {м}геогр.
iridium <Ir>
иридий {м} <Ir>хим.
  • иридий {м} <Ir> = iridium <Ir>
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Usage Examples English
  • The origin of the term "sha'ir" is unknown. The ancient Arab culture viewed the "sha'ir" as a type of wizard, able to commune with supernatural forces, or "djinni", for both knowledge and power.
  • Here, "P"("x") is a (possibly zero) polynomial, and the "A'ir", "B'ir", and "C'ir" are real constants. There are a number of ways the constants can be found.
  • Most IR detectors are designed to ignore constant background IR radiation, which is present in all environments.
  • If the remote control to be used is also IR-based, there must be an IR sensor within its line of sight that will relay signals to the IR blaster over a wire or radio.
  • This requires an IR illuminator such as a spotlight with a suitable filter or an IR LED emitter.

  • The IR/RF Systems Technologies Division's Navy Infrared Countermeasures Effectiveness Laboratory, (NICEL), models and simulates threat IR missile vs.
  • Natural alloys also occur in the systems Ir-Os-Rh, Os-Ir-Pt, Ru-Ir-Pt, Ir-Ru-Rh and Pd-Ir-Pt. Names used in these systems have included platiniridium (or platinian iridium) and iridrhodruthenium.
  • Nakoela Soenarta, Ir. Legijono, Ir. Bambang Wirawan, Ir.
  • Cold shields are typically used in IR optical devices for military, scientific and industrial applications to protect IR sensors from stray IR radiation (lowering noise figures).
  • To form the past participle for second-group verbs (-IR verbs with -ISSANT gerund), drop the "-ir" and add -i.

  • Mesa's GLSL compiler generates its own IR. Because each driver has very different requirements from a LIR, it differentiates between HIR (high-level IR) and LIR (low-level IR).
  • ... 38 / Nepriklausomybės Square) with text: "Čia buvusioje Lietuvos kariuomenės generalinio štabo II skyriaus būstinėje dirbo Lietuvos karinės žvalgybos ir kontržvalgybos pulkininkai Kostas Dulksnys, Juozas Mutasaitis ir Petras Kirlys.
  • P-wave technology utilizes an IR lamp and a pre-placed focusing device such as an IR transducer or film that can filter and focus IR radiation at a desired wavelength and increased intensity within a selected area to improve weld penetration with minimal surface damage.
  • 0-micron mid-IR for hot incandescent runway lights and some background radiation from its surface, blind to visible wavelengths for LED airport lights or long-wave IR for finer environment details: the Elbit FalconEye sees in the 0.4–1.1-micron visible light and near-IR band and the 8.0–12.5-micron long-wave-IR.
  • The Harmony IR Extender System has an IR blaster and a set of mini blasters, and does not require programming. It is manufactured by Philips and rebadged.

  • The DM&IR was purchased by Great Lakes Transportation and in 2011 the DM&IR was merged into CN's Wisconsin Central Subsidiary.
  • Leiknir's main rivals are their neighbours ÍR. Leiknir and ÍR are the only football clubs in Breiðholt and they represent two different areas of the neighbourhood.
  • Stjarnan totally obliterated ÍR in the first game in Ásgarður.
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