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NOUN1   a Korean | Koreans
NOUN2   Korean [language] | -
кореянка {ж}
Korean [female]
пихта {ж} корейская [Abies koreana]
Korean fir
корейский заяц {м} [Lepus coreanus]
Korean hare
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Usage Examples English
  • Jing is classified into "Amjing" (korean: 암징) and "Sujing" (korean: 수징) according to the pitch. "Amjing" is low-pitched, and "Sujing" is high-pitched.
  • In Nongak, the person who beats a kkwaenggwari is called "Sangsoe"(korean: 상쇠) or "Busoe"(korean: 부쇠). "Sangsoe" is responsible for directing the entire flow.
  • Munju was a sinized name of the Korean name 'Mulgol (물골, water valley or town)' where the korean word mul was substituted with mun that sounds similar to the korean.
  • Palais (Korean: 제임스 팔레) (1934-2006) was an American historian, koreanologist, and writer.
  • "Birthday Boy" is a 2004 short animated film written and directed by Sejong Park (박세종 Sound design and music utilize the korean atmosphere to the point that it is "interstitial" and evokes the korean setting of the film. ...

  • Love and Obsession (korean: 장화홍련) It is a South Korean television series that aired on KBS2 from October 20, 2009 to April 23, 2010.
  • Kyunghyang Shinmun cited the band's 2nd album as one of the top 100 korean albums, praising that the album "completed 1980s korean rock music".
  • In October the party founded "Korean Peninsula Task force (Korean: 한반도TF)" to support ongoing momentum in Korean peninsula towards peace irrespective of leadership changes in Japan and United States and appointed senior assembly members with expertise in foreign and inter-korean relations as its members and Song Young-gil, the chair of the Assembly's Foreign and Unification Committee, its chair.
  • Another movement called "three revolutions red flag winning movement(삼대혁명붉은기쟁취운동)" started in 1975,which constituted of organizing competitions of different people in the north korean public to achieve set goals that the North Korean society requires.North korean authorities claim that these movements led to the early achievement of the aims set in the Six-Year National Economic Plan (1971-1976).
  • KGC (originally "Korea Ginseng Corporation", "Korea Ginseng Corp." Korean : 한국인삼공사, Hanguk Insam Gongsa) is a ginseng company in South Korea.

  • General Yi Si-ae (korean:이시애, hanja:李施愛, ? ...
  • The "t'aenghwa" tradition evolved from the Buddhist heritage that came to the Korean Peninsula during the Three Kingdoms period.
  • "Pulsatilla koreana", the Korean pasque flower (Korean "Hal-mi-kkot", 할미꽃), is one species of the genus "Pulsatilla".
  • His work has been translated in korean and portuguese.
  • The film is significant for its earliest examples of negative portrayal of American forces stationed in South Korea in South Korean cinema.The film addresses the issue of sexual assault by Americans, a topic that has been ignored in south korean popular media until the 1960s.

  • The manhwa was originally posted on a korean web fantasy novel website, and spread to other then south korean online service providers such as , and from 2001.
  • Jae Hee (in korean: 재희; born Lee Hyun-kyun on May 25, 1980) is a South Korean actor.
  • Jeong Yeo-rip (korean:정여립; hanja:鄭汝立, 1546 - 1589) was a Korean politician of the Joseon period. His pen name was Jukdo, and his courtesy name name was Inbaek.
  • In an interkorean context, such as when dealing with the Korean language(s) or the Korean ethnicity as a whole, additionally the term 'Hangyeore' ([...] , [...]) is used.
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