Translation for 'Maga' from English to Russian
крав-мага {м} [нескл.]
Krav Maga
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Translation for 'Maga' from English to Russian

Krav Maga
крав-мага {м} [нескл.]военноспорт
Usage Examples English
  • On 15 May 2009, he received the Pedro Ernesto Medal in recognition of his service to krav maga in Brazil.
  • After the Six-Day War Gidon resumed his competitive boxing and decided to learn more about the Krav Maga principles he had learned in the military.
  • The maga tree usually grows no larger than 20 meters. It is grown for timber and as an ornamental plant.
  • "maga" and "ön" do not use these forms. They are conjugated like nouns with the case suffixes, e.g. "magában", "önben".
  • Hurao was a member of the Matao/Chamorri, the highest caste in Chamorro society and held the title maga'lahi.

  • As the elder "maga'låhi", or high-ranking male, he could make important decisions with the consent of his clan’s, "maga'håga", or highest-ranking females.
  • Colón is a practitioner of Tai chi, and an American pioneer black belt Senior Instructor in the Israeli self-defense system Krav-Maga, certified by the Wingate Institute of Israel and Krav-Maga International, Inc.
  • Both Yen and Jin have Maga - though not evil maga. Yen's Maga is called Koga, while Jin's maga is named Sora.
  • The singular pronouns "ön" (self) and "maga" (himself/herself) and the plural pronouns "önök" (selves) and "maguk" (themselves) are used when addressing one or more people (respectively) in a formal context, whether written or spoken.
  • There are some Chavacano speakers (especially older Caviteño or Zamboangueño speakers) who would tend to say 'mana' for 'maga'.

  • "Mylothra maga" is a moth in the family Autostichidae. It was described by László Anthony Gozmány in 1963. It is found in Iran.
  • He is a krav maga blackbelt and an instructor.
  • "maga bathanga" Here are the corpses.
  • The 190 Squadron of the Israeli Air Force, also known as the tayeset maga hakesem (Magic Touch Squadron), is an AH-64A Apache helicopter squadron based at Ramon Airbase.
  • Moving to North America in the 1980s, Aizik started teaching CKM at the Jewish Community Center in Toronto, Ontario, and later opened The Samurai Club martial center where he taught Commando Krav maga, Judo, MMA and Jiujitsu.

  • The prefixes "naga-" and "maga-" may be shortened to "ga-" in colloquial speech and in colloquial writing, which may indicate a lack of aspect but it still preserves the form.
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