Translation for 'Manichaeism' from English to Russian
SYNO Manichaeanism | Manichaeism
манихеизм {м}
манихейство {с}
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Translation for 'Manichaeism' from English to Russian

манихеизм {м}ист.религ.

манихейство {с}ист.религ.
Usage Examples English
  • Mar Ammo, a disciple of Mani, founder of Manichaeism, led a mission to Abarshahr accompanied by the Parthian prince Ardavan and several others during the 260s.
  • Manichaeism is another Iranian faith that shares many similarities to Zoroastrianism.
  • The existence of older Christian heresies in the Bulgarian lands (Manichaeism and Paulicianism), which were considered very dualistic, influenced the Bogomil movement.
  • Chinese Manichaeism borrowed the iconography of Chinese Buddhism, frequently depicting religious figures revered in Manichaeism seated upon lotus thrones in its religious art.
  • Some scholars accept that Islam was influenced by Manichaeism (Docetism) in this view.

  • By 1132–1133 or later, the rebellion was linked to Manichaeism.
  • The official state religion of the early Uyghur Khaganate was Manichaeism, which was introduced through the conversion of Bögü Qaghan by the Sogdians after the An Lushan rebellion.
  • Mani, the founder of Manichaeism, had 12 Apostles like Jesus.
  • In comparison with the older Manichaeism and other sinicised Manichaeism, the Xiapu Manichaean texts strongly emphasize the worship of Jesus.
  • Thanks to the diplomatic efforts of Illinois, the persecution of Manichaeism has temporarily come to an end.

  • The Incomplete scripture of Manichaeism was discovered by British archaeologist Aurel Stein in Mogao Caves.
  • Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism and polo were exported to the Tang.
  • By 354, Hilary of Poitiers wrote that Manichaeism was a significant force in Roman Gaul.
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